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Virtual training to help people thrive in a changing, sustainable world.

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We’re a sustainability-driven virtual training company, dedicated to unlocking your team’s potential and maximising their performance.

We don’t just facilitate live training. As part of our client service, we deliver research-based interactive virtual workshops and programmes focused on successful learning transfer and meeting your business’s objectives.

We help companies of all sizes in every industry

Advanced train the trainer masterclasses

You’re an experienced virtual trainer, but what are you doing to combat the growing competition for learner’s attention? Are you creating magical, memorable learning experiences that stand out from the crowd?

At VTT, we’ve created a brand-new range of 15 unique masterclasses, to take your training skills to the next level and wow your learners! Think: gamification, blended learning, and mastering hybrid training – to name but a few!

Advanced train the trainer masterclasses

Trending workshops

Virtual workshop

Advanced listening skills

Communication is a two-part process and only when we sharpen our listening skills and adopt a receptive mindset can we truly understand the information we receive.

Virtual workshop

Agile working

Agile working is an incremental and iterative way of working that allows and encourages team members to be more responsive, to flex and adapt to challenges quickly.

Virtual workshop


Being assertive can be a challenge for many of us and finding the appropriate way is not always easy. Sometimes practical advice and approaches to being assertive is exactly what we need.

Working with the virtual training team reinvigorated us as a team, working together to rethink and explore how we deliver training across our organisation, improving the learner's experience and the quality of what we deliver and ensuring equity of access to more remote parts of our workforce. One of the best learning experiences I have ever had.

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