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We’ve been on quite a journey, and this is our story…

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Welcome to our virtual world!

Coach-led, virtual training is the future. Our founders, John and Catherine, saw this coming years ago.

Making the switch to virtual training isn't easy. There's technology to get to grips with, people aren't quite the same when they're behind a computer screen, and face-to-face content just doesn’t work in the virtual world.

So, in 2015 they used their 10+ years of virtual training expertise to develop the Virtual Training Team (VTT) to help companies and trainers transition to virtual quickly and confidently.

5 years later, this is still the VTT mission!

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Catherine Nicholson

We want others to train virtually and brilliantly.

“I have been delivering virtual training for over 10 years and I LOVE it!

I have been fortunate to facilitate virtual workshops to companies around the world on management training programs, leadership training, graduate training and training other trainers on how to become a virtual trainer amongst many other projects. My favourite days are when I work with diverse groups of people from all over the world, coming together to learn through the magic of the internet!”

Catherine Nicholson Director, The Virtual Training Team
John Nicholson

Virtual Training is here to stay.

“I’m really excited about the next ten years in L&D - we now know we have to shift as an industry and the Covid thing will make sure we will catch up with learner needs and the tech they use. At VTT we want to keep up with today and tomorrow not stuck in yesterday. People are very important in the success of businesses and they should and need to develop - we facilitate this through virtual instructor led training which we think is best.

We shouted about wanting virtual for years and now we have our wish. We really value wanting to help others to go virtual with virtual workshops (and more) and do it really well for their learners.”

John Nicholson Director, The Virtual Training Team

Meet The Team

Every member of our team lives and breathes virtual training. They’ll be there as your expert guide and companion, walking alongside you as you journey through the virtual world.

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