Achieving goals: From goal setting to goal getting

A man sat at a desk writing in a notebook next to his laptop, representing achieving goals.

We’ve all heard of setting SMART goals, whether this is within the workplace, your fitness or something else. A SMART goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. We know all of this but, setting a goal and achieving a goal are completely different entities because saying and doing are disparate. Therefore, we have put together our top five tips that you can use as you move towards your goals.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start or how you can choose the right goal for you or your team. If this sounds like you make sure to take a look at our goal setting workshop or visit our social media accounts for more inspiration.

Our top 5 tips to achieving your goals

1. Break everything down

Regardless of the size of your goal, if you break it down into smaller steps you may find tasks easier to manage. Not only can this help you to achieve your goals as you are less likely to feel overwhelmed, but it can also make it easier to find the motivation as you work towards micro-targets. You will also be in a better position to measure your progress through knowing what steps you have already made and what steps you have left to take.

2. Get other people involved

Just because a goal is your own it doesn’t mean that you must achieve it by yourself. Being able to talk to other people and getting them involved can help you as you make progress. You can ask for help, tips or motivation from other people which can help you to feel more motivated and less alone. Alternatively, just sharing what you are working towards and how you are doing can help your own motivation because you are likely to feel morally supported. With people in your corner, you can do anything.

3. Hold yourself accountable

While you may be able to get other people involved with your goals it is important to remember that, ultimately, you are the only one responsible for your progress (or lack thereof). If you set yourself a time period in which you want to have something achieved, make sure you are taking appropriate and effective steps to make sure that you continue to make progress. If you miss targets or fall slightly short of deadlines that you have set, don’t dwell on it, look for ways you can move past it, take a break, and get back on track.

4. Celebrate the small stuff

Sometimes working towards a goal can be a long process and it can take a lot of your time and focus. This means that it is important to celebrate every moment you succeed or achieve something that takes you a step towards your final goal. These celebrations of success give you the opportunity to reward yourself for the effort you have put in and the progress you have made. This can make it easier to continue to feel motivated as you work towards a larger goal.

5. Don’t give up!

From breaking your goals down and holding yourself accountable, the effort and commitment you need to possess in order to meet your targets is higher than most of us imagine. That is why our fifth and final tip is the most important one for you to remember. As you work towards goals it is likely that you will reach a (metaphorical) brick wall, maybe you’re not making progress at the speed you hoped or possibly you have missed a couple of micro-targets, but it is extremely important that you don’t give up! Try looking for different ways you can inspire yourself, take a break for a couple of days to restore your motivation or figure out a new path to follow.

At VTT we like to adopt a growth mindset and always strive to be better. This is why we love to set goals and support each other as we work towards achieving them.

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