Business trends of the future – what does 2030 hold?

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There is a lot of talk about business trends and the future of work, but will our workplaces and our roles really be that different by 2030? What skills will be needed in the future? Will technology change how we work? And what do these changes mean for you?

I’m sure 10 years prior, we wouldn’t have imagined the the working environment we are in today. What with the huge change the pandemic brought to the world of work, the great resignation, the rise of quiet quitting and the new remote work environment, it seems almost unprecedented that we would be able to predict the business trends for the next ten years to come. However, when we gain an understanding of what’s big in the world of business, we can start to up skill ourselves, and our employees. In fact, according to the World economic forum, almost half of the workforce will need up skilling by 2025, and Mckinsey states that 1 in 16 workers may have to switch jobs by 2030. So now, it is more important than ever to gain an understanding of the business trends for the next ten years. In this infographic, we have collated all of the latest research, stats and info to bring you a peek in to the future of work.

In this infographic, we explore:

  • The challenges that businesses will face as they digitise and navigate the changes that new business trends bring.
  • The new roles that will be available by 2030.
  • The impact of AI.
  • The high-value digital and human-centric skills that will be in demand.
  • The top business trends for the next ten years

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