Christmas break bliss: a checklist for success!

An image of a table surrounded with Christmas decorations with a notepad with a Christmas break checklist written on it.

We all look forward to the Christmas break: a time relax, and have some much needed time with friends and family. But how can you make sure everyone truly resets and switches off during the festive period?

It’s crucial for individuals to prioritize their wellbeing before, during and after the festive period to ensure a truly restorative Christmas break. It’s not all twinkles and glitter for everyone- the holiday season can bring a mix of joy and stress, and taking proactive steps to protect yours and your team’s wellbeing can make a significant difference.

Like most others, you’re probably snowed under with work during December, with a blizzard of thoughts whirling around your head- wether that be sorting presents, juggling school holidays, managing deadlines, or preparing for your out-of-office time. Amidst all of that, looking after yourself and your team can seem like just one more task to add to the ever growing pile. Don’t panic, it’s now one less thing to worry about. We’ve created a simple checklist, which is super easy to run through and gives you a comprehensive list of all you need to know so your Christmas break ditches the stress, and allows everyone to refresh. You can get yours here!

Plus, there’s all this inside

  • How to ‘log off and stay off’ by establishing a clear line between work and home during the Christmas break.
  • How to set a clear boundaries surrounding work during your out-of-office period.
  • The importance of recognising the need for support and ensuring there is strong structures in place before, during and after the Christmas break.
  • Tips for managing workloads and deadline setting for your self and your team.
  • How to make the most of the opportunity to have fun and bond as a team.
  • Plus, some messages from our team with their own tips and techniques for managing the Christmas break.

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