Could a 4 day work week be better for you?

Blocks displaying 4/5 day week message to help get across 4 day work week.

Have you ever thought about making your working day work for you — instead of the other way around? Maybe you’ve felt frustrated with yourself — ‘why can’t I focus?!’ Perhaps you struggle to concentrate for 8 hours straight, or feel a dip in energy around lunch time. Well, its no wonder — what if we told you the notion of a 40 hour working week is actually over 90 years old?

It’s true, the typical 9-5 isn’t actually designed to compliment our natural ebbs and flows in focus. Sound crazy?! Well, we have been told for so long we have to ‘boost our energy’ or ‘avoid the midday slump’ in order to fit these hours.

Take a minute to flip it. What if we flexed our working day to fit around the times when we are most productive? As new research emerges, maybe it’s time to rethink the traditional 9-5. Here are some benefits of a 4 day work week:

  1. 39% of employees report feeling less stressed.
  2. 71% experienced reduced burnout levels.
  3. Turnover dropped 57%.

Check out our infographic — it’s got all the info on the current situation, and a bit of history too! Just fill out the form below and download the ‘4 hour work week’ infographic now:

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