Finding inspiration: A how to guide

A hand holding a lit sparkler emerging from beneath a dark pool of water, representing inspiration.

Inspiration can be a tough thing to come by. That is why today, we at VTT are going to investigate four different methods you can try in order to find, revive and revitalise your inspiration. From asking questions to reflecting on what has worked in the past, this article searches for strategies with you.

VTT’s 4 tips to finding inspiration

1. Ask questions, offer answers

There is a plethora of questions you can ask when you are searching for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to talk to other people and see what inspires them. Maybe try a couple of things out.
Does your co-worker say that they find inspiration through yoga or running? If you haven’t tried yoga before, give it a go. Giving yourself a chance to explore different experiences can help you to find new techniques that work for you.

This can also work in reverse. If you are ever asked how you find your inspiration, share your words of wisdom. Not only can this improve your relationship with others, but it can help you to give insight and inspiration that positively contributes to individual and team motivation.

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2. Take time out

Don’t be ‘on’ all the time; rest and rejuvenation are just as important when it comes to inspiration as being productive. Take time to get involved in something that you enjoy doing (bonus points if this is something creative).

When we spend time away and instead invest energy into unwinding from our usually hectic lives, you can restore your energy. The power of rest is severely underrated.

You may be someone who perceives rest as the absence of productivity and nothing else. However, without down time or the chance to invest in ourselves we are more likely to negatively impact our productivity and mindset in the long term.

Remember, an inspired input as you are taking time out can result in you having an inspired output when working later.

3. Change your environment

It can be tempting to stay on task and in your workspace until you have finished your to-do list. Indeed, there is evidence that suggests that when working, especially from home, creating a space away from the rest of the house can be beneficial for productivity.

However, by changing your environment, it is possible to find energy and inspiration in new places. Whether you achieve this by rearranging your workspace or getting outside for some fresh air, you may develop inspiration because something is different.

Changing your environment can give you the opportunity to find new approaches or restore your energy. Try searching for inspiration in the little things that are different such as, how blue the sky is as you go for a walk.

4. Reflect

Always make sure that you can look back at different things you have tried when searching for inspiration. Try making a list of the things you know make you feel good, and this can be your ‘go-to’ when you need a little boost.

It’s important to know that even the methods that work best for you are likely to not work all of the time. Similarly, as you are trying something new and different, don’t veto a method if it does not strike inspiration from the first try. Give an activity more than one chance to spark inspiration.

Final thoughts

We hope that you are feeling a little more inspired than when you started reading this article, but it is important to also acknowledge that we have covered a tiny percentage of ways to inspire yourself. We suggest that you use this information as a springboard for your own journey to inspiration.

If you would like any more information about inspiration, please get in touch with us, or you can check out our virtual workshop on team wellbeing to learn more.

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