Ideation tool: Worst idea ever

A single lightbulb on its side with the word idea within the bulb to represent ideation,

A tool we have found that is great to implement in to ideation sessions is worst possible idea and whilst the name might not have won you over, it is actually a great way to turn ideation on its head and transform the most ridiculous ideas into practical, innovative ones!

When we get to the heart of what makes a terrible idea so, well, terrible, we can gain insights that can help us to define and set up the truly great ones. This is just one of the many tools that we can use in the ideation process.

We use this tool to help:

  • Define the objectives of the session.
  • Come up with as many bad ideas as possible.
  • Discuss and summarise why they are bad ideas.
  • And finally… use this as the basis to come up with the right idea!

If you’d like to learn more techniques, be able to confidently lead ideation sessions, and promote innovation, check out our workshop on ideation!

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