Men’s health & the CAN-DO challenge: 5 steps to enhance your wellbeing

Image of a blue ribbon on a pink background for men's health.

At last — a health feature which promises not to mention the pandemic (except that once — but we’ll let that slide!).

We initially created this piece on men’s health in support of World men’s health week — time in which men are encouraged to take stock of their health and wellbeing and learn more about the support and information available to those seeking to live healthier, happier lives — however, we believe the promotion of men’s health shouldn’t just be highlighted for one week a year. With statistics showing we spend approximately 100,806 (11 years!) of our lives at work, healthy working habits and routines could not be more pressing.

This year the Men’s health forum have a clear message to men — but one that is easily applicable to all, regardless of gender identity — pay attention to your body, prioritise your health and get checked out.

Here at The virtual training team, we encourage you to participate in their “CAN-DO” challenge to promote healthier living. Additionally, we believe this framework is particularly helpful for remote workers looking to develop healthy working habits.

Below you will find an overview of the CAN-DO challenge and some top tips on giving it a go your virtual office — wherever that may be!

What is the CAN-DO Challenge?

The CAN-DO challenge encourages us to choose from 5 different scientifically proven ways to focus on our wellbeing each working day. So, what are you waiting for, can you do the CAN-DO challenge and change your health and wellbeing?


On #ConnectMonday take time to connect with others. In the virtual space this can be as simple as reaching out to an old friend or colleague. Arrange to meet, but not to have a meeting with them — knowing the difference is key. Focus on relationships, get to know your colleagues, clients, and contacts beyond their defined working roles.

  • Book a slot in your calendar to ensure you have the time and space to have a meaningful conversation free of distractions.
  • Mix it up by meeting on a different platform than you’d usually use.
  • Ban “work talk” and get to the stuff that really matters.


On #ActiveTuesday make movement a priority for your health. Get out and about and cut yourself free from the invisible ball and chain that ties you to your desk. Many of us are conditioned to relate working to being in a physical office — whether that’s at home or in company headquarters. However, we forget that as remote workers we are uniquely positioned to have the luxury to remote work from almost anywhere — you are limited only by your imagination and, well, a decent Wi-Fi connection!

  • Remind yourself that work is not a place.
  • Take your laptop, tablet, or any other working device out and about. Enjoy a change of scenery as you work from the garden or take a stroll to your local café, library, or co-working space.
  • Arrange to conduct some of your virtual meetings as audio-only walking meetings, encouraging your colleagues to do the same.
  • Build in time to your day to stretch, exercise and take a screen break.


On #NoticeWednesday take notice of the world around you. It’s all to easy to bury ourselves in our work, sometimes at the cost of the bigger picture.

  • Remember the small things add up, throwback the curtains, open a window, bask in the sunshine, and redefine your idea of what working from home should look like.
  • Take time to reflect, making a note at the end of your working day, or sharing with colleagues something that you are grateful for.
  • Try turning off your devices at a set time each evening, and use your regular scrolling time to disconnect, read and talk with loved ones.


On #DiscoverThursday try something new. Not only is discovery and exploration beneficial to our health, but you will thrive personally and professionally as you seek to learn and benefit from new experiences.

  • Working doesn’t have to feel like work — read a book, listen to podcast, or watch an inspiring TED talk on a chosen subject that you’d like to learn more about
  • Its more than okay to be curious — don’t be afraid to ask questions, reach out to those around you and gain new insights.
  • Invest in different technologies and platforms to go about your work and explore their unique features that may benefit your productivity and communication.
  • Have fun — inject gamification into your working day, try something new for lunch or have a digital coffee with a different colleague each week.


On #OfferFriday do something for someone else and throw out some good karma into the world around you — you never know, it may just come back your way!

  • The simple things go a long way — pay attention to those around you and ask if they are ok. Even sending a GIF to let them know you are thinking of them can make a huge difference to someone’s day!
  • Offer to help a colleague with their workload, if you don’t know how, you can always learn during your #DiscoverThursday.

The CAN-DO challenge is yours to run with as you see fit — those who want a bigger challenge may even attempt all 5 in one day, and the ultra-efficient among you may even find a way to tick off all 5 challenges in one activity! What matters is the doing, not the how or when. Read more at the Men’s health forum and start your journey to becoming a CAN-DO Champion today and enhance your health and wellbeing!

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