Our new range of train the trainer programmes

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Key takeaways

  • We now have three different Train the trainer (TTT) options available.
  • New to virtual training? We recommend you to check out our TTT for practitioners programme. You'll get expert advice and two practice modules to get real time feedback on your progress.
  • Short on time or finding it difficult to coordinate your team's schedules? We suggest you to check out our 1-day Supercharged programme.
  • Are you an experienced virtual trainer? We recommend you to check out our new Advanced range of TTT modules.

You might know that we design and deliver virtual workshops and programmes around the world, but did you know that we also have a suite of Train the trainer programmes (TTTs)?

At The virtual training team, we firmly believe that virtual training has the potential to achieve equal, if not better, learning outcomes for participants as face-to-face, but it requires a distinct set of skills. That’s where we come in…

We help new and experienced virtual trainers alike master the skills necessary to create and deliver engaging learning experiences that achieve real learning transfer for participants.

Here’s a quick look at what we have to offer:

TTT for practitioners:

Over 5 modules, you’ll learn how to start delivering exciting, live and interactive virtual learning experiences your participants deserve, and your clients love. You’ll also have the opportunity to test out your skills and get real-time feedback from our coaches.

TTT supercharged:

Does our TTT programme sound great, but your calendar is back-to-back, and you can’t coordinate dates with your team? We have just the thing – a condensed programme for you to cover all the foundations of our TTT all in one day.

Advanced TTT modules:

Graduates of our TTT programme or experienced virtual trainers can now explore our new advanced TTT workshop options and extend their skills in deepening conversations, mastering hybrid training, blended learning methods, and gamification amongst others.

Want to learn more about our virtual training academy?

You can learn more about our Train the trainer options and benefits here:

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