Start taking breaks and stop missing out!

Image of a cup on a table to help demonstrate 'taking breaks'.

Picture this- it comes to lunch time, your stomach is starting to rumble- but your work is piling up- do you have time for lunch?. ‘I’ll quickly grab a bite to eat at my desk’- you think. Have you ever thought of the effect not taking a break could be having on your productivity, and your health? Maybe you think that by working through your lunch hour, you’ll get even more done! Or you believe you’ll feel more productive by solidly sitting at your desk throughout the day. We’ve all done it, yet perhaps more out of habit, or a fear of ‘not getting enough done’. After all, when we truly look at the stats, the implications of not taking that break is actually more detrimental to us, and our organisation, than we think. It’s time to get forensic. Taking a look at the culture surrounding breaks, the current stats, and thinking about methods that can promote an environment where taking breaks are encouraged will help us all introduce more in to our day. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you- we’ve researched each angle and you can find all the info right here!

  1. You’re not alone! What’s the current situation looking like among employees?
  2. Thinking of skipping that lunch hour? The stats say it may be more harmful than you think!
  3. How does a manager help develop a culture that supports their team to take breaks?
  4. Check out some great ideas you can use to take breaks better- so you return to your desk feeling fully refreshed.

Educating ourselves on the importance of taking breaks for our own wellbeing can prompt us to begin to make them a priority. After all, we all want to inform ourselves on the best practice. Fill out the form below and download the ‘The importance of taking breaks’ infographic now:

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