The future of training and development: what are the next trends?

Image of a VR headset on a white surface, demonstrating the future of training and development.

Over the last few years we’ve seen major changes, both in the workplace and in society. With the rise of automation, the growth of remote workers, emerging hybrid work models and the up and coming new technologies, surely our learning and development programmes will change to keep up? In fact, stats show that the required skillsets for modern work have changed 25% since 2015. It would be useful to understand how these recent changes will shape the future of training and development, and, with some insight, we can start to understand how our learning programmes can best fit our learners needs, and the current environment.

After all, we all know that learning is never static, and our learning and development should reflect this. Providing up to date, relevant content is invaluable to learners, and understanding the current research can make all the difference to the learning experience we deliver. It is crucial we stay on top of the latest trends, and begin to learn about the future of training and development, so we can adapt our approach to suit. We’ve been on a fact finding mission to do some of the leg work for you, uncovering all of the latest trends, and providing you with a sneak peek in to the future of training and development.

In this infographic we:

  • Identify the major changes to human behaviour and lifestyles that have taken place over the past two years.
  • Reveal our predictions for how these trends will shake up the world of learning.
  • Cover the most current topics such as attention spans, digital nomadism, sustainability, and VR.
  • Include all the latest statistics and research so you’re fully informed, with all of the up-to-date info.

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