Questions to ask when looking for a virtual trainer

Questions to ask when looking for a virtual trainer

4 questions to ask when looking for a virtual train the trainer provider.

So, you know why you should get upskilled with virtual train the trainer (VILT).  You have decided to ‘Go Pro’ by going through Train the Trainer (TTT) upskilling to deliver or design virtual training. Good for you 😊.

There are many benefits for you and your organization by getting trained in Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). This article will help you choose a provider that fits with you and your needs.

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So what are the questions?

Q1: How much time and budget do you have to invest?

VILT providers and programs offer varying approaches. Shop around and find the solution that is best for you. For example, do you just need a boost to improve your current VILT deliveries or are you a complete newcomer who wants to start from scratch?

Do you want accreditation to prove a standard or is it more about building your own confidence and competence?

From a time investment viewpoint, some programs require around 30 hours including self-directed learning assignments and practice, whereas others offer a 3-hour session focused on improving specific VILT skills.

Can your potential provider bespoke a program for your needs, or are they more like a sausage machine – producing numbers through a pre-set inflexible approach?

Our advice is always to start with the end in mind. What do you both want and need, and which program will deliver this. What is the minimum and maximum you are willing to invest in order to achieve this (time and money), also bear in mind that there will likely be both live workshop time plus your own practice time required.

Q2: Who will be the specific VILT expert delivering your Train the Trainer program?

When looking at different providers, look deep and identify the actual person who will be delivering the Train the Trainer sessions.

This is important to do as you want to ensure you are tapping in to somebody with plenty of experience and expertise in this area. VILT has been around for over 10 years but it is only recently that it has gained so much traction. You want somebody who has delivered 100’s of virtual programs successfully to a variety of industries and organizations.

Find out what experience they have both in virtual design and delivery to see if there is a good match to how you intend to use VILT. For example, are you delivering workshops on technical subjects that can be more challenging to make interesting and interactive? Or perhaps you are intending to train in interpersonal skills and need advice on how to build quality practice opportunities into your VILT workshops? Are you likely to be delivering to a challenging or a more willing audience?

We recommend that your Train the Trainer coach has plenty of commercial delivery experience across industry sectors. This means they are more able to share broad and detailed insight. Finally, pick a coach who can demonstrate great training skills and understand how ‘learning transfer’ works.


  1. How long have they been doing this?
  2. How many sessions have they delivered in live VILT as well as VILT TTT?
  3. What environments/organizations/industries have they delivered VILT in?

Whether you are spending your own hard-earned cash or your company training budget, it is right to be demanding in finding the VILT coach that fits best for you.

Q3: What happens after the Train the Trainer?

No doubt you will get lots of support during your Train the Trainer, but what support will you receive ongoing? What if you run in to issues, have questions or want to tap into further best practice? Is there any future support, forums, chat rooms that you can have access to?

Like any skill, designing and delivering VILT is something that you will continue to develop and improve so it is helpful to have some sort of support network of like-minded VILT trainers to tap in to. Your Train the Trainer provider should be able to help you.

Q4: Can I speak to others who have experienced the Train the Trainer you provide?

Any good VILT TTT provider will be able to put you in touch with others who have been through their program. Ask them about how to get the most from the Train the Trainer program and why they chose their particular provider.

Have your questions prepared. Here are some suggestions:

  • What did they see as the advantages and disadvantages of using this provider?
  • Did they feel there was the optimum number of participants on the program?
  • Was there enough support given?
  • Do you feel they really know the tech and delivery style for VILT and are skilled in training?
  • Did their commercial delivery experience enhance the process?
  • Did you get individual feedback after your final delivery/practice session?
  • Are they up to date in approach e.g. slide-deck, delivery style, quality of materials demonstrated, psychology of training and learning transfer?

A little bit of research and asking the right questions will help you find the right provider. 

Good luck!

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