Activities to make virtual meetings fun

Activities to Make Virtual Meetings Fun

Due to the global pandemic, it is hardly news to hear that most companies have opted to hold their meetings online in order to keep their employees safe.

So, for the time being, we have paused our coffee-making chats, and in-person catch-ups and have replaced them with remote meetings via a virtual platform

More than ever, these virtual meetings have become an integral part of keeping employee engagement, interaction and retention high. However, at the beginning of lockdown, these meetings were new and exciting, they might be starting to lose their charm.

After so many months of working from home, employees might be starting to experience meeting fatigue; we start to feel disconnected, sluggish and unenthusiastic when yet another meeting invite pops into our calendars. 

So, how do we reinvigorate ourselves and prevent employees from turning into virtual zombies?

Here are 5 activities that L&D professionals can use to make their virtual meetings more interactive.

  1. Quizzes

  2. Photograph challenge 

  3. Online meeting bingo

  4. Round up in five words

  5. Have everyone use a filter

1. Quizzes:

It can be great fun to develop a simple quiz to learn more about your fellow employees. These little details can open up new opportunities for conversation, and help colleagues to feel more connected to one another. 

Introducing the idea of a short quiz for participants of your meeting to take part in can be a great use of time. Have different participants create the quiz, to be created and answered outside of the meeting, and then share the results at the beginning or end of your meeting agenda.

Make sure you schedule time to discuss wrong answers though!

2. Online Meeting Bingo:

By this time, we are all overly familiar with the key phases that tend to surface during our virtual meetings. 

“Can everyone see my screen?”

“You are on mute!”

Or seeing a pet or child in the background of calls. 

Why not take these common meeting occurrences and create a meeting bingo sheet out of them? A simple, fun exercise that everyone can participate in, but that doesn’t need to detract from your meeting’s agenda.

3. Round-Up in Five Words:

Sometimes, particularly after those longer meetings, in order to help participants retain important information better, it can be helpful to have them summarize the key points of the meeting, what they learned or actions they need to take away. 

Have them type into the chat function of your chosen meeting platform five words (or more, if you are feeling generous, or it was a particularly in depth meeting) to summarize and clarify their understanding.

This helps them to reflect on the content they have just absorbed and ensures the information is better retained.

 4. Photograph Challenges:

If your team is geared more towards creativity or visual learning, having a photography challenge can be a great way to increase engagement and communication across the board. 

Photos are a simple, easy form of self-expression, and almost everyone has the means to take one simply, through the use of a smartphone. 

Encourage your meeting participants to submit a meaningful photo into the virtual meeting and ask them to explain the story behind it. This can allow the whole group to share, and once everyone has had a turn at speaking, the group could vote on their favourite entry.

5. Have everyone use a filter:

If you are using Zoom 5.2, it’s possible for your participants to use filters and virtual backgrounds to change things up and keep your meetings fresh. 
Fancy attending your meeting from a tropical beach, or the Golden Gate Bridge? How about having everyone wear a virtual party hat for special announcements? Zoom’s got it all, and you can read about more of the features here.

We hope these tips will help your team to regain a sense of enthusiasm for virtual meeting

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