How to make your virtual meetings fly

How to make your virtual meetings fly

Recently, our colleague Catherine made an insightful LinkedIn post on the topic: 5 great tips to help your virtual meetings go smoothly.

Here’s the post:-

“If you are finding yourself running more meetings virtually right now, here are 5 top tips to help you make them fly!

  1. Encourage everyone to put their webcam on. It makes such a difference. People are less likely to multi-task and it makes for a more human experience.
  2. Don't use the meeting for downloading information. Use your time together to discuss, explore and make decisions. Updates can be done via email.
  3. Build in some social time before or after the meeting. This is especially important if you now have people working remotely who aren't used to it. They'll be missing out on social interactions and could be feeling a little isolated.
  4. Keep a 'contribution log'. As each person contributes, keep a tally. This way you can see if anyone isn't saying much and can bring them in with a question directed to them.
  5. Use the functionality of the meeting platform to enhance interaction. Most meeting platforms have the capacity for breakout groups, emojis, annotation and more. Use them with purpose but also encourage people to have fun with them too 😄

I have loads more ideas beyond this if you need any help with your virtual meetings!

In the meanwhile what other tips do you have for successful virtual meetings?”

Before we get to the responses, there's something else. If you would like help in how to facilitate fantastic virtual meetings, we actually have a virtual workshop on the topic available - Facilitating virtual and hybrid meetings.

The responses we got were overwhelmingly positive and intuitive. Here are some of our favorites;

“Great tips! Turning on webcams [definitely] helps to better connect and transfer non verbal communication, especially in multicultural teams! I always have a backup list of questions to ask, and I use polls and also humor. I also find that people like using the chat box to write, instead of talking.” - Helene Bejjani

“These [are] great ideas. I would only add: 1) It's best to keep these meetings small in number (law of diminishing returns with video-conferencing) 2) [Definitely] agree with a contribution log; everyone should contribute and 'listen' in equal measure (where appropriate and context depending).  3) Allow for back-channel or side conversations.” - Joseph Arton

"Excellent points Catherine. We make it a rule that everyone [turns] their webcam on when communicating as most of us work for home (and have done for 10 years). (Though it's a need that people need reminding of from time to time. ;-)) I was wondering, what is your favourite platform for virtual meetings?" - Rod Webb

Our favorite platform for virtual meetings is Zoom, Rod. 😊

So there are some great tips on how to make your virtual meeting fly, setting you and your teammates up for success.

What virtual meeting tips do you have? Do you know any we might not?

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