Learning at Work Week 2021

Learning at Work Week 2021

The 17th May 2021 marks the beginning of Learning at Work week in the UK.  As always, it is a great opportunity for organisations to put the spotlight on the importance of learning and development for everyone, fueling the natural curiosity we all have.

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This year though we have decided to tackle, full on, the changing nature of how we will be learning at work in the ‘new norm’ as we emerge from lockdown.

Many people are starting to venture back into the workplace either full time, or in a hybrid way splitting their work time between home and the office.  Many will remain working virtually.

All this impacts learning, not just from a ‘learning event’ perspective but also in how we communicate, collaborate and resource learning.  We recognize that learning at work will be different now than how it was before lockdown.  So how can we embrace this to fully maximise learning for everyone at work?

In our live and fully interactive webinar, we will be exploring 5 key areas to help you develop your learning strategy over the coming year:


We have been working much more autonomously during the last year than ever before.  How can we build on this to encourage self-led learning, curiosity and ingenuity when it comes to learning?  We often get curious about what we see before us – but what if we are not physically in environments that present these opportunities?  We will explore how to create curiosity and resourcefulness in learning wherever our colleagues are.


Much collaboration now is virtual which means it happens less ‘by accident’ than it used to do.  We need to be more purposeful now to ensure we are collaborating fully and effectively.  We will look at ways we can encourage collaboration of learning across teams and departments in any organisation.  We will also look further afield to identify opportunities to collaborate in our learning beyond our own organisations.

Learning Habits

For many, it feels like our development has been put on the back burner over the last year … and yet the reality is that we have learned LOADS in finding new ways to work, communicate, flex and embrace technology!  However, learning has been more of a reactive activity as we have been focusing on keeping our head above water and getting through lockdown.  In our webinar we will consider how to create new, healthy learning habits for the newer ways of working.

Growth Mindset

Mindset is critical when it comes to building a learning culture.  Many of us are familiar with the concept of growth vs fixed mindsets but how does this apply to the new norm?  The buzz of learning something new, overcoming obstacles and solving problems feels great!  We will explore how to encourage and recognise more of these moments… after all, we can all benefit from a good boost of positivity right now.

Learning Planning

From big picture L&D strategy to individual development plans, it is worth considering how these should be different as we venture into the new norm.  What new skills will we need in working in more hybrid environments for example?  How will learning events and programmes land with some people working at home and some in the office.  How do we create a learning strategy that is equitable for everyone?  We will also begin to explore this too in our webinar.

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