Learning at Work Week 2021

The 17th May 2021 marks the beginning of Learning at Work week in the UK.  As always, it is a great opportunity for organisations to put the spot...

Stress Management
virtual trainer

How to Manage Stress at Work

Alright, so let’s be honest for a moment; even if you love your job, you have definitely been stressed at work at ...

Influence and Persuasion Be A Positive Prescence
virtual training

Influence and Persuasion: Be A Positive Prescence

Influence and persuasion training can sometimes come across as a bit impersonal and can focus on what you can get from o...

First 50 Days of a New Job A Marketing Specialist View
virtual training

First 50 Days of a New Job: A Marketing Specialist’s View

This isn’t the first blog that I have written for The Virtual Training Team webpage, however it is the first blog ...

Three Tools to Facilitate Collaborative Working
Virtual Working

3 Tools to Facilitate Collaborative Working

Looking at collaboration solutions and working with other people can sometimes be daunting. If your team is large or you...

Virtual workshopdesign
virtual workshops

5 Best Practices for Virtual Workshop Design

At some point in our lives, whether in a university lecture or office training day, we’ve all been forced to sit t...

Goal Setting to Goal Setting
virtual training

Goal Setting to Goal Getting

We’ve all heard of setting SMART goals, whether this is within the workplace, your fitness or something else. A SM...

Train the Trainer for Facilitators
train the trainer

Train the Trainer for Facilitators: Now with Platform Masterclass

Are you a trainer? Are you a confident and competent virtual deliverer across all available virtual platforms? Yes yo...

How to be an inclusive leader
virtual training

How to be an inclusive leader

Being an inclusive leader is hugely important. The office, physical or virtual, can be a place where colleagues must int...

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