Learning at Work Week 2021

The 17th May 2021 marks the beginning of Learning at Work week in the UK.  As always, it is a great opportunity for organisations to put the spot...

Should we use The ADDIE Model in Instructional Design
virtual design

Should we use The ADDIE Model in Instructional Design?

We’ve all been there.  Whether as an instructional designer, teacher or student, we have all sat in a classro...

virtual training

Finding Inspiration: A How to Guide

Inspiration can be a tough thing to come by. That is why today, we at VTT are going to investigate four different method...

virtual event
virtual event

How to Socially Thrive at Virtual Networking Events

Attending events, from a conference or a summit to a training session, can be nerve-wracking. Questions like who you are...

virtual training
virtual training

5 Virtual Training Tools that are Great for Introverts

Introverts. We exist. We may be a bit quieter but we have just as much to offer in an organisational setting. So, i...

Virtual design
virtual design

Virtual Design: Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Virtual design is a huge field with plethora of rules to learn. It is during this process that Learning & Developmen...

Virtual Training by The Virtual Training Team
virtual training

5 Active Listening Strategies That Help Upskill Training Sessions

Practicing active listening within the workplace, whether you are in a meeting or in a training session, improves commun...

Train your trainer
train the trainer

Train the Trainer Workshop: What Should You Be Looking for?

It comes as no surprise that the demand for in-classroom Train the Trainer Programs has decreased significantly in the l...

Skill Transfer During Virtual Training
virtual training

3 Ways to Increase Skill Transfer During Virtual Training

Training courses offered in virtual classrooms were already multiplying and the global impact of the coronavirus pandemi...

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