The True Carbon Cost of Training

When we consider the cost of a training session, mostly we think of the financial side; hotels, trains/car hire, venue rental, catering etc. But the...

The True Carbon Cost of Training
Train your trainer
Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Workshop: What Should You Be Looking for?

It comes as no surprise that the demand for in-classroom Train the Trainer Programs has decreased significantly in the l...

Skill Transfer During Virtual Training
Virtual Training

3 Ways to Increase Skill Transfer During Virtual Training

Training courses offered in virtual classrooms were already multiplying and the global impact of the coronavirus pandemi...

Hybrid & Remote Working

Reflection - The Year of Virtual Working

As we head towards the long-awaited end of 2020, our minds inevitably turn to reflect on the year gone by and the lesson...

Interactive Virtual Training That Takes It From Nay To Yay
Train the Trainer

Interactive Virtual Training That Takes It From Nay To Yay

We are often approached by organisations who have attempted to transition to interactive virtual training by themselves....

Virtual working
Hybrid & Remote Working

How to Network Virtually

The days of striding purposefully into a conference room, finding the nearest co-attendee and thrusting out your hand an...

Management Training
Virtual Learning

Why Management Training is Worth Doing

Making the move from being a non-manager to a manager is one of the biggest challenges some of us have faced or facing o...

Merry Christmas Virtual Event
Hybrid & Remote Working

7 Ideas for your Christmas Virtual Event

So as we roll gratefully towards the end of the year, we can all agree that, as a planet, we have been thrown a number o...

Train The Trainer for Freelancers
Train the Trainer

Train The Trainer for Facilitators: Why It’s A Good Investment

Full disclosure; this blog is a blatant sales pitch.  It’s because we believe Train The Trainer is a great...

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