Train the Trainer for Facilitators

Train the Trainer for Facilitators: Now with Platform Masterclass

Are you a trainer? Are you a confident and competent virtual deliverer across all available virtual platforms?

Yes you, reading this blog. We’re talking to you.

If you are, then great, well done! Congratulations on being fully prepared for our new virtual future. Feel free to click off this article; this likely won’t help you much.

If not, keep reading, this Program is for you.
Our Train the Trainer Program has been developed and continually refined over the past 3 years and includes everything from design to delivery and platform approaches.

Not to blatantly brag, but we’ve already trained over 1000 trainers around the world, helping them make the transition to the world of virtual training. So, even if you are super experienced, chances are we can offer something new for you to add to your roster of impressive skills.

What is included in the Train the Trainer Program?

The Train the Trainer for Facilitators consists of five 3-hour Masterclasses and one 1-hour Platform Masterclass. No matter your starting point, this Program will give you the tools to effectively design and deliver your own brilliant virtual training. 

Train the Trainer for Facilitators – Starting on 8th March 2021 

Here’s a breakdown of the included Masterclasses.

Delivery Masterclass

In this first Masterclass of the Train the Trainer Program for Facilitators, we cover how to successfully set up and start a virtual workshop that creates effective learner engagement and involvement right from the get-go. 
We share with trainers over 100 great tips, techniques and processes to give their interactivity and learning transfers a huge boost. 

Design Masterclass

This Train the Trainer for Facilitators Masterclass focuses in on VTT’s unique 8-step Building Block approach for structuring your content and process. Using the science of learning and our sequencing template, you will learn how to design virtual training that delivers great results.

Creating Interaction Masterclass

Interaction is key in any virtual workshop, so in this Masterclass of the Train the Trainer for Facilitators Program, we show you how to develop deep conversation in the virtual environment. We also explore how the way we ask questions and the language we use can actively help or hinder our interactions. We also share some great ways to initiate group conversations using failsafe methodologies.

Platform Masterclass (BRAND NEW FOR 2021!)

No matter if you use Zoom or MS Teams for delivering virtual training, in this Train the Trainer for Facilitators Masterclass, we can help you to become skilful and confident in navigating the technology. This includes how to set up breakout sessions, whiteboards, screen sharing, polling and annotations along with hands-on practice. 

Practical Sessions

In this final step of the Train the Trainer Masterclass, participants get to prepare and deliver a section of their own virtual workshop, in order to put into practice all of the great techniques they have learned over the Program. 

The group then share feedback, along with the Virtual Training Team master coach, who will help to give constructive guidance and share best practices, so that you can continue to improve. All our clients agree that this Masterclass is a must have, as it helps to cement the skills that have been learned and gives a vital opportunity for further feedback. 


If all these skills and techniques weren’t reward enough, our Train the Trainer Program finishes up with the final step of providing our participants with the opportunity to demonstrate the VTT approved standard in their virtual delivery or design. You even get a nice shiny e-badge to prove it!

Key Takeaways

So, to sum up, by the end of this course, you will take away:
•    Time management hacks and knowledge on how to avoid common virtual delivery traps
•    Delivery techniques that max out focus, engagement and the interaction of learners 
•    A sequencing template to help you design for maximum learning transfer
•    A laser-beam focus on achieving your outcomes
•    An established formula for creating conversations
•    Real-time feedback from participants and a certified VTT Coach

Sound good? What are you waiting for then? 

Places on our March Program are filling up quick; it is selling out like it’s the first festival after the pandemic lifts!

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