Train The Trainer for Freelancers

Train The Trainer for Facilitators: Why It’s A Good Investment

Full disclosure; this blog is a blatant sales pitch. 

It’s because we believe Train The Trainer is a great Programme and we think all trainers who want to go virtual effectively should attend. 

Our Virtual Train the Trainer Programme has been developed and refined over the past 3+ years and includes both design and delivery approaches. 

We don’t mean to brag, but we have already trained 1000+ trainers to make the move to the world of virtual training and even if you’re super experienced… A little more training never hurts, right?

What is covered in the Train the Trainer Programme?

The Train the Trainer for Facilitators Programme consists of five 3-hour Masterclasses. Whatever your starting point, this course will give you the tools to design and deliver your own brilliant virtual training

Here is a breakdown of each of the included modules.

Delivery Masterclass

In this part of the Train The Trainer Programme we cover how to set up and begin a virtual workshop that creates learner engagement and involvement right from the outset. We share over 100 tips, techniques and processes that boost interactivity and learning transfer.

Design Masterclass

In this Train The Trainer Masterclass we share our unique 8-step Building Block Design approach to structuring content and process. We use the science of learning and our sequencing template to focus on how to design virtual training that delivers results.

Creating Interaction Masterclass

This Train The Trainer Masterclass focuses on how to develop conversations in the virtual environment. We explore how the language we use and the way we ask questions can help or hinder interaction. We also share our structure for initiating group conversations using failsafe methodology.


In this Train The Trainer Masterclass, participants prepare and deliver a section of a virtual workshop in order to put into practice all they have learned. The group share feedback along with a Virtual Training Team master coach who will give guidance and share best practice. Our clients agree this Masterclass is a must have!


Our Virtual Train the Trainer Programme (Train the Trainer) concludes with the final module that provides participants with certification. Our Trainer Certification Masterclass is an opportunity for participants to demonstrate the VTT approved standard in their virtual delivery and/or design.

Virtual Train the Trainer Programme Testimonials


By the end of this course, you will take away:

  • Time management hacks and knowledge on how to avoid common virtual delivery traps

  • Delivery techniques that max out focus, engagement and the interaction of learners 

  • A sequencing template to help you design for maximum learning transfer

  • A laser-beam focus on achieving your outcomes

  • An established formula for creating conversations

  • Real-time feedback from participants and a certified VTT Coach

If this all sounds interesting to you and you want to know more, visit our event page here.

Places on our November/December Programme are filling up fast. To avoid disappointment, book your place now!

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