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Train the Trainer Workshop: What Should You Be Looking for?

It comes as no surprise that the demand for in-classroom Train the Trainer Programs has decreased significantly in the last year, yet the requirement for online, virtual programs has sharply risen. 

If you are not aware of what a Train the Trainer Virtual Program is, simply put it is a way of upskilling L&D trainers to deliver competently and confidently in the virtual space, via a platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

Before the onslaught of Covid-19 and the global shift to virtual working, many trainers preferred the traditional way of delivering to their learners, via an in-person, physical classroom setting. So when the abrupt shift arrived, many superb trainers were left feeling ill-prepared for delivering in a virtual classroom. 

That’s where a Train the Trainer (TTT) Program comes in. 

Benefits of TTT

There are a number of top benefits for organizations and individual trainers alike in investing in a TTT Program. For businesses, it allows training sessions to be vastly more inclusive and provides regular learning opportunities for all colleagues no matter where they are based in relation to head office. 

For the individual, it can assist seasoned and skilled L&D professionals to ‘go virtual’ quickly and confidently, enabling them to provide the same quality of training workshops to their learners as they are used to, while navigating this new virtual world. 

Confidence and reassurance is key. If the transition is attempted alone, the move to virtual training can be challenging. Challenges arise out of nowhere and, if you can't overcome them, derail your progress. A multinational optical retail chain got in touch with us as they'd been trying to move their training to a virtual approach internally.

Case study: Read how we helped a company to recover from a halted internal attempt to move to virtual training.

Train the Trainer following a failed transition to virtual

With so many options out there it can be hard to identify which program is right for you to train your trainers. 

We know that some people may have reservations or questions around whether going on a Virtual Train the Trainer Program is worth it. We asked some of our previous participants to give their thoughts on the programme.

Questions to ask when choosing a Train the Trainer Program

Will your learners be supported?

All too often, Train the Trainer Programs are less about what the participants need to learn and more about what the trainer desires to teach. 

At VTT, we work as trusted partners to collaborate with our clients so they benefit from our help and VTT benefits from fair and appropriate pricing.

It is important to find a Train the Trainer Program that will meet your learning outcomes and will fit your learners’ needs.

Is the focus on your long-term needs?

Similar to the point above, it is important to establish that the Program will meet your ongoing learning needs. Finding a TTT that will give your trainers the necessary support to get started in their virtual delivery, but that also sets them up for future success is key. 

If there is anything we have learned over the last few months it is that you can never be too prepared! Ensuring that your chosen Train the Trainer Program will upskill your trainers to confidently and competently design and deliver their virtual training no matter the subject or circumstances. 

Can the workshop be tailored to your needs?

Much like no two trainers deliver their content in the same way, no two Train the Trainer Programs can be exactly alike. Every team, trainer and organization has different requirements and emphases in their content, and in the way in which they want it communicated to their learners should be taken into consideration. 

Additionally, Programs that flex to reflect the needs of the trainers will have greater impact and retention than a standard course forced to fit. 

At VTT, it is crucial for us to understand your business needs, your ultimate learning outcome and goals that you wish to achieve, so that we may tailor the TTT Program to best suit these requirements. 

What support and guidance can you access afterwards?

As a training company, we know better than anyone that learning never stops. Which is why we provide ongoing support after the completion of our TTT Program, through an interactive WhatsApp and LinkedIn group. 

This ongoing support is key to helping trainers to feel comfortable and confident in continuing their transition into ongoing quality virtual training, in both design and delivery. Having a support network, or helpline through which to ask questions and gain support, even after the Program has run its course, can be vital in helping trainers to achieve that important self confidence. 

By finding a Program that can deliver all these essential requirements and enables you and your trainers to design and deliver effective and interactive virtual training, then you can feel secure in the knowledge that it is likely the right Train the Trainer Program for you and your team. 

If you would like to know more about our own TTT Program, you can find out here.

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