The truth about being a flexible working mum

The truth about being a flexible working mum

Good for them, good for me

The Truth?

When I talk to customers or partners, they’re often surprised to discover that I have three young children, likewise if I meet fellow mums whilst I’m with my children they’re equally shocked that I work full time. I’m aware that ‘full time working mum of three’ types aren’t too common.

Although we are becoming more prevalent, there’s an obvious reason for the rarity of people like me; society thinks it’s too hard to have children and have a career, so often a choice is made to do one or the other.

I’m not denying that it’s hard juggling the demands of family and work life, but I do know that having children is arduous whether you work or not, and many jobs are tough regardless. 

Thankfully, in today’s world many organisations are stepping up to the demands of us Millennials that want it all and don’t wish to choose one way or another.

Flexible and remote working is becoming widely accepted globally, thanks to modern day technology we can virtually work from anywhere at any time. Companies are no longer limited to the talent within a 30 minute radius of their office, their workforce can be as global and as diverse as they desire. 

Having the flexibility to be in control of my working hours and work environment has such a positive impact on me physically and mentally, so much so that juggling a career and children seems almost easy, naturally this enables me to put more energy and passion into all areas of my life, especially my job! Which is great for business.

By removing the commute to the office, I can give myself an extra hour every day, that’s an extra hour with my children, in the gym, cleaning, or even an extra hour working. This also saves me money on fuel and helps to reduce my carbon footprint.

I might choose to start work a little later to avoid paying breakfast club fees, or start early to escape after school costs. My children have time to do all the dance, athletics, and gymnastics practice in the world because I can take them to their classes on time. Thus I’m able to support the ambitions of my kids as well as my own. 

Since I’m at home, my dog can go for a walk at lunch time rather than late at night when all other ‘jobs’ have been completed. Not only do I then get a spot of exercise but I can also prepare myself something healthy to eat rather than succumbing to the convenience of junk food.

Working parents are time poor, in fact most of society is time poor, so this eliminates the need to #MealPrep in the evenings when there’s already hundreds of things on the to-do list.

Working remotely is easy thanks to online platforms allowing us to communicate with teammates, join meetings virtually, attend virtual training workshops, and even join in with online networking events.

My dad is a detective in the police force, he recently came to babysit for me in the evening and was able to work from my house once he’d put my children to bed. Taking work with us is becoming the norm which is amazing news for society.

If your organisation is embracing a flexible workforce then I’d love to chat about the benefits of working with The Virtual Training Team, and how we can help you to ensure everyone has the best Learning and Development opportunities without them leaving their remote working spaces.

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