The Importance of Virtual Training Being About Your Participants

The Importance of Virtual Training Being About Your Participants

TVTT Principle 3 - It Is All About Them (Not About You)

Soft skills training can be delivered effectively via platforms like GoToMeeting, Webex or Skype for Business, embracing a modern learner’s relationship with technology. This can bring its own challenges as learners have many other channels bidding for their attention such as email, WhatsApp etc whilst they are attending a Virtual Workshop. However, when Virtual Training is interactive and useful, learners become engrossed and focussed, creating great learning transfer.

Where training is of little relevance and has no interaction then learners may struggle to connect with the subject matter and email and WhatsApp etc become of more interest. 7 out of 10 people even state that training content can influence their career choices.

Delivering relevant training is important, but how do we decide?

We recommend that the focus in Virtual Training is on the learner and their development. Learning transfer optimisation is achieved when the key needs of the learners are addressed. Thus, “It is all about them (not you)”.

Role of the Trainer

“It is all about them (not you)” is applicable in a face-to-face (F2F) training environment and is also vital for a virtual learning environment. One of the key areas to delivering successful Virtual Training is for the trainer to be self-aware and contextual for their learners. When running Train The Trainer training for new virtual trainers, we focus on the outcomes necessary for the learner. This is part of how optimum learning transfer is achieved.

Some learning and development (L&D) professionals feel that Virtual Training is not as engaging as f2f. We believe, having delivered Virtual Training workshops for more than 10 years that this approach is often more attractive to learners, thanks to their accessibility, convenience and quality. We are always working towards developing inspiring and engaging workshops and training other trainers to deliver quality results in their Virtual Workshops.

Skilled Virtual Trainers know what their learners desired outcomes are and have a laser beam focus on delivering learning outcomes that match.ensure the focus is there to meet their needs.

What is Learning Transfer?

Learning transfer is the sum total of new capacity, skills and ideas that learners gain from a learning intervention. It is important to remember the learners’ desired outcomes and have clearly defined opportunities for the expected learning transfer to occur. Otherwise, the trainer and the learners may have a great time together, but ultimately, if learning transfer is absent, the objective is not achieved and opportunity and investment is wasted.

Learners get more enthusiastic and inspired when they attend a successful training session, which delivers their expected results. When learning transfer is achieved in a Virtual Training Workshop then learners will more likely feel fulfilled and accomplished from achieving their desired outcome.

The Needs of the Learner

“It’s all about them (not about you)” is about being aware of the learners’ requirements. It is asking “What do they need?” over “What do I want to teach?”.

A common challenge for Virtual Trainers is condensing a subject area into a bite-sized workshop. There needs to be the appropriate content included to meet the learners’ needs whilst still being engaging and interactive. This will mean taking longer F2F sessions and breaking them into bite-sized workshops. Then engaging learners is a key to achieving learning transfer.

We help trainers to design Virtual Training workshops that meet the needs of their learners and give them the knowledge, skills and templates to continue designing into the future. While designing the workshops, “It is all about them (not you)” is at the forefront of our minds in order to ensure the learners’ needs are met.


It is important to have relevant learning workshops which are engaging and tailored to learners’ needs. The principle “It’s all about them (not you)” is centred around the learners’ requirements and desired outcomes. This is fundamental to achieving their learning transfer.

Create more value through relevant delivery and inspire your learners to achieve great results from your Virtual Training workshops.


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