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Why Management Training is Worth Doing

Making the move from being a non-manager to a manager is one of the biggest challenges some of us have faced or facing or will face in our careers. We’ve spent a number of years working hard at being high performers in our role and we’ve rightfully earned ourselves a well-deserved promotion. 

We’ve stepped up from team member to team manager and now we are responsible for other people, not just ourselves. It’s no longer all about how impressive our own work is, it’s now about them, our new team, and we need to help them be amazing at their own jobs. But where do we start?

Sounds familiar right? Whether that promotion to manager was earned by you, or you’ve experienced a colleague being promoted to be your own manager, this is something that is bound to happen in every corporate environment. We’ve heard of natural-born leaders, but nobody is a natural-born manager. 

This new manager was amazing at their original job, but it doesn’t mean they’ll make an incredible manager overnight; it’s a new role, so they need time to learn and grow into their responsibilities. They need to learn new skills and gain more experience before becoming as great at managing a team as they were at managing their own work.

When a business fails to provide the necessary training for managers, those managers have to make it up as they go along. They can try to mirror how they were previously managed, or they may even invest time in reading books about management, but ultimately they have to figure it out using trial and error. 

Not only is the business failing the recently promoted individual, but they are failing the entire team. Have you ever been managed by someone who’s never received any management training whatsoever? It’s like the blind leading the blind and it’s frustrating for all parties involved.

As a Business Development Manager here at VTT, I’m fortunate to spend a lot of time discussing with clients and potential clients about what Learning & Development looks like in their organisations. Some will air frustrations with the company they work for or those they work with, whereas others love their job, the people, and the company. Good and bad management is often the difference between people loving and hating their job.

The challenge is, bad managers often don’t know they are bad managers! They’re likely just trying their best; this good work ethic is what got them promoted, but it doesn’t naturally give them the skills to manage others. 

Have you been in a similar situation?

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Here are some training ideas to improve management in your organisation.

1. Provide Training for Emerging Leaders

It’s often easy to spot the talent in your company; you know who is going to go far and do everything it takes to be the best they can. Why not create a training program for future managers? Some workshops could include:

  • Managing Up

  • Assertiveness

  • Resilience

  • Building Trusting Relationships

  • Decision Making

2. Create a Training Program

Create a training program especially for new managers, to give them the tools they need to make a great start in their new role. This could include workshops such as:

  • New Manager’s Toolkit

  • Coaching Conversations

  • Building High Performance Teams

  • Conflict Resolution

3. Get an Ongoing Program

Have an ongoing program for managers so they can continue to grow and develop throughout their career, helping them to be the best managers they can be. A program like this might include:

  • Challenging Conversations

  • Creating Empowerment

  • Managing Change

  • Team Wellbeing

  • MBTI for Managers

If the above suggestions have given you some ideas, did you know that we have all of these workshops ready-to-go? Whether you’d like us to deliver them for you, or maybe we can train your trainers to licence and deliver the workshops internally. 

If you want something a little more bespoke and tailored to you, then our virtual design team can create a program of workshops to fit the exact needs of your teams. 

Get in touch to explore the best options for your managers.

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