Why Virtual Learning is Important?

Why Virtual Learning is Important?

We are probably all getting sick of reading about how ‘because of the recent coronavirus pandemic’ many businesses are using virtual meeting software to keep their companies running.

To those that have this option, it was an absolute no brainer, why are we still talking about it?

Because STILL not everyone is on board.

The bottom line is that virtual learning can work as well, if not better than, traditional classroom training and we at the Virtual Training Team reckon it will quickly become the norm even beyond the current pandemic.

So, for those few of you who are still on the fence about learning virtually, here are 6 benefits which show why it’s worth doing right.

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1. Better inclusivity

We’ve all been on those training sessions that are dominated by one loud, opinionated participant who seems to commandeer the discussions with their own voice. 

With virtual learning and virtual training sessions, this is less of a problem. The coach has the ability to better control their participants contributions and ensure that everyone has their turn to speak. It also provides those less comfortable with shouting over others, alternative channels in which to communicate, such as chat and emojis.

2.  Better accessibility

Provided that employees have access to a computer and stable wifi (which you would hope they would have for work anyway), they can take part in virtual training. This makes it a hugely accessible option for all employees no matter where they are based.

Traveling is a no-go area at the moment anyway, so being able to schedule and hold training remotely, for everyone who requires it, is a great boon. Why wouldn’t you use it?

3. It’s great for relationship building

Virtual training is fantastic at cultivating new relationships. It lets employees liaise and collaborate with others on projects and talk through ideas easily. It allows them to interact with those colleagues that, in a physical face-to-face setting, they might not know so well.

This can be great for building more intimate, internal relationships and useful for sparking new ideas by bringing different sets of people together.

4. Less cost

It is a common fact that virtual training is cheaper overall than traditional classroom training. There’s no need for travel, no need for venue costs, less lost productivity, no additional sustenance or accommodation costs.

Not to mention the lessened impact on the environment! Good for the coffers, good for the planet. It’s a win-win situation.

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5. Get feedback immediately

Most online virtual classrooms provide the participants with the opportunity for immediate feedback as opposed to the more traditional classroom learning environment where it might have to wait until after the session has concluded.

The live and interactive nature of virtual allows participants to receive feedback from their coach and even peers as the session progresses, granting greater applicability and immediacy to their situations. It also encourages participants to apply the feedback into their daily lives much quicker, sometimes even as soon as the workshop ends.

6.  Enjoy greater flexibility and comfort

Who doesn’t enjoy the ability to attend useful and engaging virtual training sessions from the comfort of their own home? It certainly beats traveling to a wide open conference space, with its plastic tables and chairs and cheap but free coffee. Instead, full training benefits can be sought and enjoyed from the participants’ own home, allowing them to bend their schedules to fit around it.

No longer do life commitments need to be put on hold, or work to suffer due to extended time out to attend training sessions. Simply log on and get going. It’s that simple.

And as long as you wear something businessy on top, no one cares if you’ve got pyjama bottoms on underneath. What the camera can’t see won’t hurt it.

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