Zoom’s Update 5.2 – Loads of Awesome New Features for Meetings

Zoom’s Update 5.2 – Loads of Awesome New Features for Meetings

At VTT, we use Zoom a lot. In fact, we were a huge Zoom advocate even before the pandemic caused its popularity to skyrocket. We love its ease of use, its user-friendly interface, and that it is always updating and improving. 

Which is why we are so excited by Zoom’s latest update; in Zoom 5.2 they have brought in filters, moving virtual backgrounds, the ability to control your own light levels and a slide presenter mode. If you don’t have it already, you can download the Zoom 5.2 update here.

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Zoom 5.2 update: 5 new features that you must try

Filter it out

The ability to add filters to our video is now a well-established feature across many platforms and now you can use them in Zoom too!

Fancy conducting your meeting as a pirate or growing a unicorn horn? Well, now you can! Our team certainly enjoyed testing out which of the filters they like best. The addition brings a splash of fun and informality to your meetings and allows for vibrant personalities to shine through the screen.

Zoom also brought in a range of color filters too, so that you can adjust your video output. You can choose from ‘Noir’ greyscale all the way up to a ‘Gum’ pink hue; a full range of options to represent yourself on the screen. 

Just a Touch-up?

The latest update also offers users the ability to manually alter their appearance and the lighting of their video. In the video settings, Zoom users can now find both and choose the setting that helps them look and feel at their best in any virtual situation. 

Silence is Golden – And Now Obtainable!

Do you have a lot of noise in your background during calls? A whirring fan or children playing in the next room? Zoom is now offering an improved noise suppression feature. At the lowest setting, soft music will be audible in the background of a class or quiz. At its highest, you can enjoy entirely distraction-free audio for those important meetings and presentations, allowing you to sound crisp, clear, and at your best. 

Show your reactions; a picture is worth a thousand words

During moments of silence, or while listening to discussions, rather than using chat, you now have the option to respond with a reaction directly on your video feed; Zoom is now stocked with reactions like celebrate, laugh or heart. Accessing them is easy, just go to the ‘Reactions’ tab on the bar at the bottom of your screen and click to share. 

More ways to present to impress!

The most exciting feature for us here at VTT is the ability to present from your slide deck. This latest update gives you the ability to overlay your video on your slides, just like a weather presenter! You can move yourself around the screen, resize and use the feature to fantastically engaging effect!

To access these great new features, upgrade to Zoom 5.2 here, and while it’s downloading, why not check out our short demo video where Catherine enthusiastically shows you all the new features we have just described. 


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