Creating happiness at work

With the changing work environment, many companies had to adapt how they worked during the pandemic, and in the future. Read on to find how we helped a multinational financial services company equip their employees to adjust to the new ways of working and maintain their wellbeing.

  • Situation:An American multinational financial services company, who had worked with us previously to adapt to remote working.
  • Challenge:The client now wanted to embrace a more hybrid way of working.
  • Solution:A bespoke “happiness from work webinar”, that supported employee wellbeing in new hybrid ways of working.
  • Result:The webinar was a success, with great feedback gathered from the participants.

In 2021 an American multinational financial services company approached us to deliver a webinar for their ERG population (Employee Resource Groups).  After exploring some of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic that the ERG group were facing — namely working from home, adjusting to new ways of working, and the client wanting to look after the wellbeing of their employees — we created a bespoke webinar for them titled “Wellbeing in changing times”.

The webinar was a great success. They loved working with us and enjoyed our friendly and helpful approach, as well as our ability to create bespoke training materials tailored to their needs. So, when it was time for their next webinar, this client got in touch again!

The metrics

  • 171 participants
  • 9.8/10 average recommendation rating


Roll on a year and times have changed since our last webinar with our American client. People were now venturing back into the workplace and more of a hybrid way of working was emerging. The brief was to create a webinar that would give useful and timely guidance and support to participants trying to navigate the new ways of hybrid working and all the challenges that come with it.

Safeguarding and boosting their employees’ well-being is at the forefront of our client’s values. However, following an in-depth discussion around the term well-being, our client felt this webinar was broader than well-being, and explored the link between ‘well-being’, ‘happiness’ and ‘life satisfaction’. The webinar “Happiness at work” was born.


“Happiness at work” webinar was created from the desire to help people feel equipped and able to influence their own happiness, specifically at work. We used the latest research around the importance of happiness (for individuals, teams, and organisations), explored the fundamental principles of the science of well-being, happiness, and positive psychology, and shared some practical tips for boosting happiness at work and beyond. To support participants in continuing their learning after the webinar, we created a virtual goodie bag packed with additional resources for those curious to further explore the topic. If you too are curious, check out this article for some practical tips on how to be happy and if you’re not convinced you can learn to be happy, this article may be for you.


  • 100% of participants stated they would apply the skills and knowledge learnt in the webinar in their role.
  • 95% of participants agreed they would perform better in their role as a result of attending this webinar.

I really loved the coach’s energy and how he used stories and examples that really brought the content to life in a fun, memorable and relatable ways.


The webinar did well to address happiness on a deeper level that I didn't expect.


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