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Discovery Bank: converting to virtual training

Case study on how the Virtual Training Team designed and delivered a bespoke Virtual Train the Trainer Programme for client, Discovery Bank Ltd, SA.

  • Client:Discovery Bank Ltd, SA
  • Situation:Urgent requirement to move training from in-person to virtual delivery.
  • Challenge:Maintain high standards of training delivery and meet strict timing deadlines.
  • Solution:A Train The Virtual Trainer Program for instructional designers and trainers, tailored to their needs.
  • Result:Successful transfer to virtual training delivery and we received a Net Promoter Score of 9.81.

Picture this: your company prides itself on being “the best of the best” in face-to-face training.

Then, the pandemic hits.

Everyone needs to work from home. You’ve got no choice but to switch to virtual training design and
delivery. But you can’t let your standards slip.

Sound familiar? When COVID-19 hit, the world changed. Face-to-face trainers and the organizations they worked for faced unprecedented challenges they needed to overcome yesterday.

Discovery Bank, an international financial services company experienced just this scenario. They needed to upskill their highly qualified, in-house learning and development team made up of trainers and instructional designers. Over the years, they’ve worked hard to create a superb face-to-face training experience. But, with the arrival of COVID-19, they had to make the transition to virtual training immediately.

They describe themselves as “particular” and “tough customers”. Ever the discerning client, they reviewed several virtual training companies before deciding to take up The Virtual Training Team’s offer of a demonstration session. They were quickly convinced that we were their perfect partner for this project. So long as we could meet their strict deadlines…

Pre-pandemic, their face-to-face training was practical with lots of group work. So maintaining this in the virtual environment was a must. But that wasn’t all. Discovery Bank care about quality, so they were keen to use virtual training to improve their offering and boost learning transfer.

The Metrics

30 participants

46 hours of delivery

9.81 NPS


  • 30 in-house learning and development colleagues requiring upskilling through a virtual TTT Programme.
  • Need for agile execution of training in short time frames, due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Training included both trainers and instructional designers in the TTT Programme.


  • Full Virtual Train the Trainer Programme
  • Delivery Masterclass
  • Design Masterclass
  • Creating Interaction Masterclass
  • Platform Masterclass
  • Practical Masterclass 1
  • Practical Masterclass 2
  • 14 Masterclasses tailored to the client’s needs


  • 19 in-house trainers and 11 instructional designers successfully upskilled for the virtual environment
  • Everyone enjoyed a virtual graduation ceremony on Zoom.
  • All participants received virtual badges and e-certificates demonstrating their accomplishment.
  • Confidence and knowledge of virtual training and design boosted to required levels.
  • Participants immediately noticed a positive difference in their virtual training capabilities.
  • Feedback on training delivered by participants since completing the Train the Trainer Programme has been excellent.
  • All 30 participants can join our global WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups for virtual trainers.

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