Use of pipettes and colours to demonstrate how Learn how VTT created a customer service training programme to run over a series of workshops for their employees and delivered it globally.

Global customer service training for Life sciences

Here’s how we designed and delivered a customer service training programme for a global company.

  • Client:A global life sciences company that provide solutions to solve some of the most complex challenges in life sciences.
  • Situation:Our client wanted to run a customer companionship programme, but had not been able to find the right provider.
  • Challenge:As a customer focused business, this client wanted to build on the great feedback they get from their customers by ensuring they are continuously upskilling and refreshing the customer skills within the business.
  • Solution:3 x 3 hour workshops to be delivered to customer facing staff in North America, China and Western Europe.
  • Result:A full rollout of the programme on a global scale!

A global life sciences and electronics company, were in the final stages of completing our virtual train the trainer programme. Sitting down for the end of programme debrief, we discussed what was next for them.  They mentioned their need to start a customer service training programme — they had been planning it for a number of years but had not yet found the right provider to match their needs.  After completing our virtual train the trainer programme and experiencing the impact of our interactive virtual training first hand, they were eager to work with VTT again.

The metrics

  • 100% of participants agree or strongly agree that the training session’s objectives, organisation and content met their expectations.
  • 100% of participants agree or strongly agree that the instructor was knowledgeable on their given subject.
  • 100% of participants agree or strongly agree that the instructor was able to draw class participation and make discussion interesting.
  • 95% of participants agree or strongly agree the scope of material was appropriate for my needs.
  • 100% of participants agree or strongly agree the participant materials will be useful in the field.


Design a bespoke global programme, to be delivered across multiple countries, in multiple languages — and supply experienced coaches to deliver it? No problem!

The client wanted a bespoke customer service training programme, delivered as 3 individual 3 hour workshops, designed for customer service representatives who worked at their company.

The project was one-of-a-kind. A personalised learning programme with the client’s branding meant that we were creating a product that was completely unique to them — designed specifically for the client. Working closely with the client, in order to understand their business, we liaised with multiple stakeholders and leaders across the globe, to involve them in the process.

The initial pilot programme ran in three different regions (China, Western Europe, North America). We were working on a global scale which came with it’s own challenges. We wanted to ensure that each programme catered to the specific needs of each region — and this meant adapting the terminology, working methods and language of materials and delivery to  suit the local audience.

In addition, each of the cohorts had three different participant groups to cater for, all with slightly different roles in the customer sphere. It was important that the learning experience was designed with the mix of roles in mind. Remaining versatile, fluid, and ensuring the coaches delivering the virtual training knew the programmes inside-out, was essential to our success.


Communication between our learning designers and the client was at the heart of the project’s success. Working in partnership with the client, we created a bespoke customer workshop to deliver the outcomes they needed from their customer training. The design process was split in to three stages — first, second and final fix, and after each stage we iterated the learning based on the client feedback to ensure it was in line with their vision.

The outcome was a programme composed of a series of 3 individual 3 hour workshops, delivered over 3 days. The three individual workshops were:

Practice sessions were a key feature of each workshop to ensure the participants could confidently apply their new skills by gaining real-time feedback to help them improve. The training was designed to help participants understand the science and theory which underpinned the techniques they were learning, helping them understand not just what to do but why, something we believe is key to changing behaviours.

With the client confident that the training aligned with their vision and values, the pilot programme was delivered across three different countries, and feedback gathered.


  • The pilot customer service training programme was a huge success, with amazing feedback from both the participants and stakeholders.
  • The pilot programme has now been extended to include over 50 more programmes to be delivered globally to customer facing employees.
  • We will continue to iterate and improve the training programmes according to the regions, cohort, and client needs, to ensure they continue to perform at the highest standard.

The instructor was perfect, the training was dynamic. Congratulations!


The coach was very supportive and gave a lot of helpful tips. The training was very much adapted to our daily work.