Image to demonstrate VTT guiding multinational tech company on their virtual journey.

Guiding a global tech company on their virtual transformation journey

When the pandemic hit, face to face training was no longer possible. But with extensive materials and training methods which had been developed for face-to-face training, the client needed our help on their virtual journey.

  • Situation:A large multinational, edge-to-cloud technology company with an internal training system, who had previously begun their journey in to the world of virtual training with mixed results.
  • Challenge:A need for a personalised approach to transition existing training methods to fit virtual delivery — and train their trainer to coach “the virtual way”.
  • Solution:Working closely with the client to sculpt a train the trainer programme that was personalised for their own needs.
  • Result:Glowing feedback, and learning from the course that is still being used by the organisation today.

Like many organisations, when covid hit and most work went online, the client realised that their methods of training would need to change. Where previously internal training was delivered in person, and via an e-learning platform, they would now have to convert all of their training to fit the new normal and embrace the virtual transformation.

With over 60,000 employees, and being a multinational company, experts in the field of virtual training were needed to help them make the virtual transformation quickly and efficiently. After a thorough selection process, they chose to partner with VTT based on our expertise in virtual training. Several years after that initial engagement, having built on the foundations of trust, expertise, and a strong working relationship, our partnership is still going strong — a testament to the success of our work together.

The metrics

  • Average recommendation score of 9.5/10
  • 100% participants strongly agreed or agreed that their training was useful
  • 100% of participants rated their training as exceptional or very good
  • 41 hours of delivery
  • 32 hours of practical classes


Having experimented with virtual training previously, but with mixed results, the client wanted to take the plunge and become fully immersed on their virtual transformation. What was the best way to approach this that would maintain their high-quality standards? How could they not only transition their materials, but help their coaches adapt their deliveries to a virtual learning setting? Moving their training to virtual was not as simple as flicking a switch, it would require time, patience, and a lot of learning!

They didn’t just want their training to fit in a (virtual) box, they wanted to transition while keeping their it personalised, with their own language, terminology and methods included.


As with so many of our clients, working closely together and being adaptable was really important. We evolved and sculpted our train the trainer program, to ensure it would work for them. We developed a five week train the trainer programme specific to the client encompassing all of the need-to-know details of the virtual world which would allow them to succeed on their virtual training journey. And crucially, the programme maintained the VTT quality, structure and flare but with the businesses’ distinctive stamp.

But we didn’t stop there. We invested time understanding the individual roles of each of the participants. We made sure we knew where and how they fit into the overall company so we could ensure the training would deliver on every participant’s individual needs. Sculpting our deliveries to fit the needs of the group meant our training was always client-focused — meaning the final result was a learning experience which had been created to ensure maximum results for our client on their virtual journey.


  • Following our work together, the client was confident that when it came to anything, VTT were leaders in the field — we soon became their first point of call.
  • This resulted in a highly valued ongoing partnership and we are still working with them today.
  • Glowing feedback from each of our workshops delivered — everyone surveyed rated the program as very good/ exceptional.
  • Throughout the organisation, the language, processes, and techniques from the programme are still used today.

The program content, flow and exercises, were incredibly helpful in helping me to understand what it takes to design and deliver training (and beyond).


Great content and delivery, it stretched me as a facilitator.


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