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Helping a global company be at the top of their hybrid training game

Our work with this business was focussed on being the best at everything hybrid — delivering hybrid training, and working in hybrid ways — how did our work together help them achieve this goal?

  • Client:A large global edge-to-cloud technology company.
  • Situation:The organisation already had an internal training system in place, and had progressed through our virtual Train the trainer programme but were now looking to take their training to the next level and explore the world of hybrid training.
  • Challenge:To become experts in the world of hybrid training and be able to adapt their working approach to suit their hybrid workers.
  • Solution:Our advanced Train the trainer masterclasses based on hybrid training, and workshops on hybrid working — all with a personalised approach.
  • Result:A long-standing and highly valued partnership, and knowledge gained that has been embedded into all virtual and hybrid training for this client.

Having already worked with VTT before, progressing through the virtual train the trainer programme to become proficient and skilled in their virtual deliveries, the client was eager to work with our team again. We had introduced them to the world of virtual training — and now this had been accepted and embedded into their learning culture, their next goal was to raise the bar even further and learn how to deliver and master hybrid training.

Priding themselves on constant improvement and keeping their trainers up to date, to develop further they needed someone who could match their ambitions. With up-to-date research, innovative ideas, constant evaluation of new developments, not to mention an already trusted relationship, VTT were the first point of call.

The metrics

  • 12 hours of training delivery.
  • 100% said they would perform better in their role as a result of completing the programme.
  • 100% of participants said they could apply the skills and knowledge they learnt as a result of completing their hybrid training.
  • 100% rated the programme as good or excellent.
  • Every single one of the advanced workshops delivered had a recommendation score of between 9 and 10.


The company had also recently invested in state-of-the-art hybrid working suites at their base in Barcelona. They knew that, with the developing covid situation, hybrid work would become increasingly popular in the future and wanted to make sure that their employees had all the skills to succeed  in a hybrid working world.

Just as they were adapting and growing when it came to virtual training, they knew it was equally important to be on the front foot with hybrid training too. They wanted to understand how hybrid training would be different to delivering virtually, what adaptations would need to be made to their delivery and their materials and ensure they were ready to support their employees with a range of different delivery options.


The participants took the confidence and experience they had gained since their first virtual train the trainer programmes and embarked upon a series of advanced train the trainer masterclasses, to build on those skills and now become experts in hybrid training. Based on the latest research, using innovation in the field of learning, and backed by our own experience, we developed a series of workshops tailored specifically for the client to help them boost their hybrid training game.

Our sessions were tailored to build upon the knowledge that the participants already had — helping their deliveries to be even more engaging and interactive, building on existing techniques, and further improving their confidence in their hybrid training deliveries.  

To prepare them for their journey into hybrid working, we also delivered two hybrid workshops. These gave them a full understanding of the tips, tricks, and skills they would need to adapt to a hybrid approach. With these new skills, they would be able to facilitate with confidence, and host inclusive and interactive meetings.


  • We have developed a trusted relationship with this client, and we learn and evolve together. With constant innovations, new technology, and emerging science, we continue to update skills and knowledge to ensure that the company is at the cutting edge of virtual training.
  • The advanced train the trainer masterclasses received glowing feedback, with 100% of attendees indicating a positive impact from the training and intent to change their behaviours as a result of attending this training.
  • The hybrid working training was equally well received, with average recommendation scores from participants of 9.2/10. As a result, the organisation felt ready to tackle hybrid working head on.

The course was excellent, it was like a mind meld of everyone's experience which not only got everyone on the same page, and lots of new ideas came to the fore.


Implementing these new ideas and reinforcing the ones that I already have will surely result in a better learning experience for my trainees in the sales onboarding.


These trainings are so informative, and the presenters are top notch!


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