Image showing a leading railway track demonstrating leadership communication training.

Leadership communication training for a rail industry standards body

Assertion, influence, self-awareness, communication — these are all skills essential to leadership. But sometimes, it helps to go back to basics — our client, a rail industry standards body, wanted to ensure their leaders were proficient in these core capabilities.

  • Situation:A hybrid organisation who wanted to continue to build the confidence and communication skills of its managers.
  • Challenge:Helping middle to senior managers develop key communications skills that would enhance the conversations they have, and the connections they form, in the workplace.
  • Solution:A ‘communicating with impact’ programme — with workshops focused on the key skills needed to boost their managers competence in this area.
  • Result:A hugely successful programme that’s led to positive employee behaviour change.

Annual performance reviews are a great way for employers to gain insight in to the challenges their workforce may be experiencing. But the follow-up can be just as important as the assessment itself. Discover how our leadership communication training helped our client use their performance review insights to grow their manager’s confidence and enhance the connections they have with others.

The metrics

  • 4 cohorts
  • 20 sessions
  • 60 hours of delivery
  • 9.5/10 recommendation score
  • 100% of participants said they would apply the skills they learnt in our ‘influencing skills’ workshop to their role.


For a manager, communicating with such a grand variety of people at work can be challenging. Despite being more connected than ever, they now have an extensive range of groups to communicate with — from different stakeholders, to team members and senior leaders. It can be an overwhelming environment, and for many, feelings of imposter syndrome can sneak in, impacting confidence and effecting the quality of their interactions.

Following their annual performance review, our client identified a number of areas where their middle to senior managers would appreciate further support, namely in areas relating to communication and connection building. They wanted to focus on developing a leadership communication training programme, working on four key areas:

  1. Assertiveness and stakeholder management
  2. Imposter syndrome
  3. Confidence
  4. Fundamental communication skills

The ultimate aim was to empower their managers to communicate with impact! By equipping them with the tools of self-awareness, assertiveness and the power of influence, the client wanted to transform the interactions managers had with those around them, and create meaningful connections.

The other goal was to build their manager’s confidence, going back to the roots of communication and relearning how to assert themselves and build relationships. They wanted to equip their managers to be able to make the most out of future interactions, especially with stakeholders, backed by self-belief that would allow them to enter a room and have their voice heard.


The client worked with our design studio team to create a leadership communication training programme called ‘Communicating with impact.’ It focused on building their managers skillset in the key areas outline by them.

The programme consisted of five virtual workshops, each three hours long. These covered:

  1. Communication fundamentals  
  2. Influencing skills  
  3. Stakeholder management  
  4. Assertiveness  
  5. Confidence and presence  

The learning from each workshop was reinforced by pre and post wraparound resources and specially designed micro-learning modules. This self-led learning was interspersed between each workshop. The goal was to facilitate immediate application of learning in their roles, fostering behavioural change.

The programme was designed to align with the strategic goals of the rail industry standards organisation — namely to boost the confidence and impact of managers in their role, and in their interactions with others. Each component of the programme was designed to ensure it was moving managers closer to this goal.


  • A recommendation score of 9.5 for our communication fundamentals workshop, with 100% of participants saying they would perform better as a result.
  • 100% of participants said they would apply the skills they learnt in our ‘influencing skills’ workshop to their role. The client has already seen a huge shift in the behaviours of their managers.
  •  Although the initial plan was to run the programme for a single cohort, the client was thrilled with the results and have now expanded the training to include an additional three cohorts.

I learnt some really good skills to take away from the session.


The skills I learnt in such a short amount of time will be very beneficial to my role.