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Moving a key in-person conference to a virtual think tank

Essentia, a global producer of animal protein solutions for the food and beverage industry planned to hold a 3-day face-to-face event. Until the pandemic hit and face-to-face was no longer an option…

  • Client:Essentia
  • Challenge:To move an in person, 3 day conference, online.
  • Solution:VTT coached facilitation teams to use powerful virtual ideation techniques- and allowed the event to proceed despite COVID-19.
  • Result:Facilitation team gained confidence in virtual environments, running 2 x 4-hour sessions to be run on separate days.

Events are a superb way to get great minds together to explore possibilities and craft innovative solutions. Essentia wanted to do exactly that for their products and processes. But the restrictions brought on by the virtual pandemic made meeting in-person impossible. So, this company came to us to help them create a virtual alternative to bring all 22 delegates together virtually.

The Metrics

22 participants

4 Hours of facilitation

16 presentations Delivered & Discussed


  • Coach key client team to equip them to facilitate and engage in constructive breakout sessions.
  • Ensure the whole process ran seamlessly.
  • Help participants cover a wide range of discussion topics in a virtual environment.
  • Introduce the client to a collaboration platform (Microsoft Teams) and leverage its full functionality.
  • Lots of content, and very little time to get through it!


  • Coached facilitation team to use powerful virtual ideation techniques.
  • VTT provided a tutorial and ongoing assistance with Microsoft Teams.
  • 2 x 4-hour sessions to be run on separate days.
  • VTT also introduced them to software for capturing and measuring ideas.


  • The groups now enjoy a greater understanding of Microsoft Teams and its functionality, including how to create and use breakout rooms.
  • Everyone’s confidence in using Microsoft Teams grew significantly.
  • The ideas and processes were discussed thoroughly and in a timely fashion.
  • Whole team involved – no social loafing!
  • Facilitation team gained confidence in virtual environments.
  • Allowed the event to proceed despite COVID-19.
  • Produced an appetite to use virtual approaches going forwards.

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