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Time management for time poor employees

Read this case study to see how we overcame time challenges for client billing employees by using a hybrid virtual process.

  • Situation:Time management training was required for time-poor employees.
  • Challenge:Hybrid approach needed, both a classroom and virtual VTT trainer presented.
  • Solution:A practical training sprint designed and delivered succinctly.
  • Result:Training goals achieved with minimal away from desk time.

Hourly billing is a minefield. And if your people aren’t spot on with their time management, you’re going to lose out. An international law firm based in Germany got in touch with us to help them create a training program that slid seamlessly into their busy schedules…

When your clients are paying by the hour, every unproductive minute you spend away from your desk is a minute wasted. This Germany based international law firm needed training for their people but didn’t want to lose out on billable hours. VTT was there to help. We crafted a solution where multiple participants from the same location could learn together, virtually.

Oh, and we did the whole thing in German too.

The Metrics

Multiple locations

100-minute sprints

3 Continents


  • Time management training required for time-poor employees.
  • Multiple locations across Germany.
  • Training needed to be translated into and delivered in German.
  • Hybrid approach needed, both a classroom and virtual VTT trainer presented.
  • Maximum training transfer in minimum training time.


  • VTT designed a 3-hour virtual workshop that included the following:
  • Highly interactive activities for participants
  • A chance to share both theoretical and practical ideas
  • Lots of practice time in live virtual environments
  • Practice sessions observed by colleagues and coach alike
  • Live feedback given to participants


  • 160+ managers have attended the ‘Coaching Conversations’ workshop so far.
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback!
  • Training delivered no matter the geographical location.
  • Consistent delivery in multiple timezones.

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