Image to help demonstrate how VTT helped a global leadership and management consultancy update their virtual training skills using MS Teams.

Platform updates required virtual training skills update to maximise potential

Becoming accustomed to new technology can be hard. We were there to help when a global leadership and management consultancy firm needed to update their virtual training skills and become more confident using MS Teams.

  • Situation:A global leadership and management consultancy firm deliver training to over 1,300 employees. They had already completed our virtual train the trainer programme, and so were already upskilled when it came to their virtual deliveries.
  • Challenge:Relearning how to use Microsoft Teams, to be able to facilitate meetings and training effectively.
  • Solution:Two MS Teams masterclasses, designed to increase confidence when using the platform, and ensure the trainers use it to enhance their training.
  • Result:The participants left with a thorough understanding of MS Teams, as well as how best to utilise all the most up to date features available on the platform to improve their deliveries.

Flashback to the start of the pandemic. With the realisation that remote working was likely to continue, a global leadership and management consulting firm, completed our virtual train the trainer program. VTT had ensured they were confident with their virtual deliveries and upskilled them the tools to go forward and thrive in the virtual world — which included introducing them to MS Teams as their go-to platform. Now with both feet firmly in the virtual world, they were hosting most meetings and training sessions via the platform.

However, the online landscape was continuing to change with platforms such as MS Teams constantly evolving, bringing out new features and tools and becoming ever more complex so the organisation felt their skills needed an update too.

The metrics

  • 2 masterclasses
  • 2 hours of delivery


With all the new platforms add-ons, and nuances, the trainers no longer felt confident using MS Teams. It was great for connecting their employees around the globe, but they knew it could do so much more than that. How could they use it to make their meetings and training engaging? How could they use the plethora of tools available in their deliveries? As the host platform of the majority of their meetings and training, it was vital they understood the technology they were using to update their virtual training skills. They had to go back to the basics and relearn.

To do this, they needed a team who had the expertise, knowledge, and experience with MS Teams. Having already worked with VTT, they had seen first-hand the skills and experience the team had.


As MS Teams evolved it’s platform, we evolved our training. Being at the forefront of the latest developments, experimenting daily to develop the best ways to use the tools MS Teams offers to their full potential, and using teams for daily training delivery meant that we were uniquely placed to offer the support they needed.

We delivered two MS Teams masterclasses to the client, giving them a comprehensive tour of the new features. The masterclasses included tips and tricks to be able to best use the platform to their advantage, ensuring that they could unlock its full potential when delivering virtually. We wanted our participants to come away being able to use the platform to create more engaging, interactive, and productive meetings, as well as being 100% confident using it.


  • The client left feeling they had a thorough understanding of not only how to use the platform, but how to use it effectively and expertly.
  • By learning improved methods for hosting meetings and training using MS Teams, participants improved their facilitation skills.
  • The trainers were upskilled in all of the most up-to-date platform features, ensuring they could remain at the top of their virtual game.

Awesome session — many thanks! I’m definitely more aware of the Teams features than before.