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Change & transformation

In an increasingly uncertain world, change and transformation is now inevitable part of our working lives. But the choice isn’t just between accepting or ignoring it, we can also choose to adopt a change-fit mindset and flourish. 

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The state of play

Managing change in the workplace is a vital skill set to have, now more than ever before. Organisations and individuals alike will need to be ready as a new generation of employees enters and exits the workforce, our teams become more dispersed, and technology becomes an increasingly large presence in our workplaces.

How organisations, leaders and teams embrace change and transformation is an indicator of their ability to survive and thrive. Here at The Virtual Training Team, we’re here to help your employees manage this on a personal and professional basis, through to successfully leading others through various change and transformation processes.

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How can your organisation not just survive, but thrive during change?

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Resistance to change

One of the most persistent challenges that businesses face during change and transformation is employee resistance. That resistance can manifest in many forms: lowered output, withdrawal from team communications and reduced participation.

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Communicating a new vision & strategy

When it comes to communicating new company vision, we can face several big barriers. Whether that’s organisational silos, misalignment of objectives or even a lack of urgency among different team members or departments.

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Maintaining team performance

During a period of transformation, a team’s productivity levels and work quality are very likely to drop as they adapt to the changes taking place.  The team members involved may not even be aware that their performance or focus have been impacted.

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Developing an agile mindset

You may encounter many challenges when adopting an agile mindset, beginning with understanding the concept of agile, perhaps overcoming an incorrect initial comprehension of it, through to trying to apply agile methods, successfully. 

Transform your organisation into a resilient growth engine

We can help your leaders develop a change-fit mindset and proactively manage change in the workplace, as well as the challenges this may bring. They will be able to identify development opportunities, and guide your people through any disruption. We can also teach your team members resilience, how to deal with uncertainty, and be ‘change-ready’ to ensure that your organisation is more agile and less vulnerable to change.

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