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Creativity & innovation

Teams that foster creativity and innovation drive growth throughout the business. In order to be the best in their field, companies need to unlock creativity at both a team and individual level, allowing them to develop diverse and visionary ideas. 

The state of play

Organisations that are trailblazers in their area have the best advantage to stand out and rival their competitors. To be a trailblazer, creativity and innovation, as well as a pioneering mindset, has to come from within. But for individuals, it is easier said than done. For some it might not come easily, while others may struggle to pinpoint what is actually required of them.

At VTT, we understand the importance of bringing enterprise to your business. In order to succeed, we run workshops that help foster a culture in which employees can really define and harness their artistry to ensure the company grows and thrives.

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How do we foster a culture that promotes ingenuity throughout teams?

Pressure and immediacy

Creativity and innovation take time, but with tight deadlines, and management wanting things “done now”, often major barriers are put in place.


Someone’s idea of creativity and innovation may be different to everyone else’s. Forcing team members to follow a specific working methodology or an idea generation strategy may dampen individual creativity.

Lack of a shared vision

When there is not a shared vision, it can be hard for people to focus on a specific goal. A sense of direction is needed to drive innovation.

Workplace environment

A work environment that does not foster inclusivity or open conversations means team members feel unable to put forward their own ideas, instantly creating a barrier to growth. 

Discover the tools needed to create a forward-thinking and visionary workforce!

Whether you are a manager wanting to foster a culture of creativity within their team, or a team member keen to harness and focus their mindset in order promote innovation, at VTT we have the solutions to act as a guide through the process. Whether that be equipping learners with the tools to enhance their creative skills, or identifying models that can drive innovation- we help participants enhance their ability to be forward thinking and inventive, driving growth throughout their organisation.

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