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Michael LeBoeuf said “a satisfied customer is the best business strategy”. For businesses, relations with their clients really is the key to success- but what is the secret to forming meaningful connections? 

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Customers who feel they are respected and valued will be more likely to return, and in turn to recommend the organisation to others. For a company to build it’s reputation and extend it’s growth, good customer relations are essential.  However, when communicating with a client, sometimes the organisation can fall short, leaving customers feeling misunderstood, dissatisfied or unheard.  

At the virtual training team, we understand that communication with clients is a fundamental in building positive relations. Our workshops focus on upskilling team members with the skills they need to ensure interactions with customers are positive, productive and meaningful for both parties.

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 How can your organisation form valuable, effective communications with clients?

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Lack of clear communication between both parties can mean there is no focus or sense of objective.  The customer may leave the interaction feeling unheard, misunderstood, or like their needs have not been met.

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Building trust with a customer is essential for forming good relations. Developing trust is essential to long lasting and sustainable relationships with clients, that can be maintained going forward.

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 Approaching a client with the wrong level of assertiveness, either by being over or under assertive, can be a barrier to interactions going forward.

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When interacting with clients, not deploying active listening strategies or failure to hear the client’s views, can result in them feeling disrespected and undervalued and unlikely to continue the relationship further.

Form meaningful and long lasting relations with clients

For those in a customer facing role, being able to successfully communicate with clients is an essential tool in laying down the foundations for future relations. Whether that be better communication, smoother negotiations, or being more confident in their actions- we provide the tools to ensure every interaction with is a positive one.

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