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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Ensuring the workplace is an inclusive and safe environment has positive outcomes for both the organisation and individuals. By identifying and implementing good practices, and fostering an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion, companies can create the optimum environment for everyone to thrive.

The state of play

We understand that promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace is key to the wellbeing of employees, ensuring they feel both safe and respected at work. It is more than a tick box exercise, and at VTT our workshops stress the importance of cementing these values in to the workplace, so they become embedded as part of company culture. 

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How can we ensure the workplace is a safe and inclusive environment?

Unconscious bias

This may involve an unconscious bias towards particular ethnic, social, or gender groups. It can be a huge barrier in areas such as hiring, while the prejudices of team members can prevent a sense of inclusivity within the workplace.

Diversity without inclusion

It’s all well and good promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, but without the correct culture in place, the workplace can not be truly inclusive.

Equality, but not equity

 Everyone may be provided with the same resources, but is everyone able to access these equally? Are there provisions made for mental and physical disabilities? Are there different structures in place for remote/in-person employees?

Day-to-day inclusion

Inclusivity and diversity means actioning practices every day within the workplace, not just a one-off approach.

Build a team founded on the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Building the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in to the culture of your workplace means everyone needs to be on board. We can help managers implement strategies in to their teams, and identify with employees what can be done on an individual level to ensure the values really become part of the team culture.

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Very informative, challenges you to look at the way you lead, which will lead to benefits for the team ans me personally.

Inclusive leadership particicpant

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