Graduates & early careers

When graduates enter the workplace or start their early careers, the time can be stressful for many. But with the correct skills in place, graduates and new employees can really make the most of the new opportunities available to them.

The state of play

New graduates entering the workplace, or those in their early career, are faced with a myriad of challenges. Having transitioned in to a corporate environment, the change may be a struggle. How best to manage their time? How to deal with criticism, or know if they are doing the right thing? How to be sure they are in the right role?

Ultimately, it is an exciting and important time. At VTT, we want graduates and those in their early career to be able to successfully transition to their new role and be confident and upskilled throughout their early career- to allow them to succeed. We provide them with the expertise they need to enter the new environment with the tools to be successful.

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How to ensure you have the skills to succeed when entering the workplace, and throughout your early career?

Establishing a work-life balance

For those first entering the workplace, the transition to the workload and the hours may be very different to what they have experienced before. Being able to adjust to this is key to productivity and wellbeing.

Lack of workplace experience

Especially for graduates and those in their early career entering the work environment after the pandemic, they may have been unable to gain experience or internships. It can be difficult to transition to the new environment, weigh up expectations, and establish workplace etiquette, often leaving new employees feeling out of their depth.

Bad working habits

 For those newly entering the workplace, throughout their degree or early career they may have picked up unhealthy habits that could impact their productivity, well being at work and limit their success within the business.

The promotion problem

Especially for those in their early career, knowing what is necessary, and being able to have conversations about what is needed to progress professionally within the workplace can often pose a barrier to growth. Having the skills to have conversations about their career is vital to allow new graduates or early career employees to progress. 

Upskill now to give you the tools you need to succeed!

For those just graduates entering the workplace, or those starting out in their early career, having the tools so that you are confident in your abilities, and be able to deal with the challenges work may bring, is vital to success. By becoming upskilled, you will not only be able to survive, but thrive in your new role, early career and beyond. 

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It was thought-provoking and practical. A great combo! It helped to remind me of what I know to practice to build my confidence and assertiveness.

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