Hybrid teams

Hybrid is the new norm when it comes to ways of working.  It comes with both advantages and challenges.  Are your employees thriving as hybrid workers?

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The state of play

A hybrid workforce should mean a more engaged, flexible, productive workforce.  This requires the right support to enable employees to be at their best whether home or office working.  This means that managers need enhanced skills to be able to communicate, motivate and maintain visibility of their hybrid teams. 

Add into the mix the need for equity and psychological safety , the complexity of hybrid working becomes more apparent. Done well hybrid working produces both happy and efficient teams.

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How can you ensure your teams are connected, productive and thriving in a hybrid working environment?

 Power differences in meetings

Meetings take up a lot of time for most employees.  Hybrid meetings have the potential to be less productive if not set up and managed well.  Organising and facilitating hybrid meetings requires more forethought and skill.


One of the biggest challenges of hybrid working is to ensure equity amongst employees.  Managers need to be equipped to have sensitive conversations around ways working.  They need to be able to create equity for team members wherever they may be working.


Visibility of work across teams is more complex in hybrid working.  Managers need to be more intentional in setting up clear lines of interaction across synchronous, asynchronous, individual and

cross-team communication.


Teams working in a hybrid way need to access learning that reflects their hybrid setup.  Organisations need to be mindful of creating inclusive ways of learning that blend live and virtual development opportunities with self-led and on demand solutions. 

Unlock the capabilities of your hybrid workforce

As a leader in your organisation you can positively influence the culture of working and learning in a hybrid environment.  Delivering the best support with equity in ways of working provide your employees with the right tools and skills to thrive in the hybrid set up.

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