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We aren’t all born natural leaders but with targeted effective training we can nurture our skills to become confident managers and inspiring execs.

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The state of play

Today’s leaders are facing more challenges than ever before: they need to inspire and motivate a dispersed workforce,  foster a culture of innovation and productivity, as well as enhancing employee engagement and wellbeing. It’s not a small ask.

At VTT, we don’t use a standard framework based on century-old management theories. We focus on the skills and attributes required by leaders now and into the future so that the individuals steering your businesses are adaptable, collaborative, empathetic and empowering.

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How do we prepare our managers for an uncertain future?

Dispersed Workforce

With the rise of flexible working, being intentional about driving team communication and collaboration has never been more important. In organisations where employees feel disconnected with their managers, productivity will suffer.

Talent retention

Staff turnover is a big issue, especially in our increasingly remote workplaces where competition between companies is heating up. So how can managers keep their best people? By focusing on employee wellbeing, creating stronger relationships, understanding their goals and  providing them with meaningful development opportunities.

Rapid change

 Today’s businesses must be resilient in a world that’s changing faster than ever before. As our workplaces become more digitally dependent, our processes, tools and leaders will need to adapt along with them. Managers will need to develop a flexible mindset to successfully navigate their team through change (and often ambiguity) and ensure that their skill sets are keeping up with the pace.

Company culture

Shaping culture is more complex in our evolving workplaces. Managers need to find new ways to be inclusive and create an environment of psychological safety ensuring that team members feel valued and can perform at their best. 

Unleash your
leadership potential

Whether you’re an experienced manager or new to the role, you need to be well-equipped to support your team through the challenges ahead. With the right skills, you’ll be able to provide the correct support to help navigate the changes you can’t predict, and to thrive in the future. 

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