Onboarding & retention

The process of onboarding is inherently linked to retention- often an employee’s first month will determine how long they stay on the job. However, for companies to retain employees they have to keep them engaged above and beyond the onboarding process.

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The state of play

The onboarding process can be daunting- an overload of information, unwelcoming teams or a hostile environment can instantly put an employee off. Since the pandemic, businesses have identified what has been called the “Great Reshuffle”- employees are no longer happy to stay in a job that doesn’t provide what they need. This can lead to a huge loss of talent. At VTT, we know that the solution comes from within the company.  Our workshops focus on employee wellbeing, helping companies cultivate a positive work environment so that the process of onboarding makes individuals feel welcomed into their team, and ensuring employees are satisfied in their roles. They equip employees with the skills needed to survive and thrive in the work environment-ensuring workers stay within the company and talent is retained.

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How can we make the onboarding process – and beyond –  a positive experience to ensure talent remains in the company?

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Wellbeing practices

are not in place

LinkedIn have found a 35% increase in posts to do with wellbeing between 2019 and 2021- workers are demanding that wellbeing practices are in place at work, and if not, the business will lose out.

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Information overload

The onboarding process can easily become an overload of forms, payroll information and things to read, leaving employees feeling overwhelmed, and unlikely to remember much of the information.

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Lack of focus and goals

 Both in the onboarding process and throughout the company, a sense of a shared goal is essential for workers to feel fulfilled and motivated in their role, and therefore stay within the company.


It’s important for new employees to feel welcomed in to the team during their onboarding process. Those that can develop positive relationships with their manager and colleagues are much more likely to feel safe and respected within the workplace, and to stay in the organisation.

Cultivate a welcoming, safe and positive work environment

For managers, creating a positive work environment in order to retain employees means leading from the front. We help managers implement strategies into their teams that really help develop a healthy culture and allow their employees to thrive. For team members- we equip them with the skills to manage their work environment, ensuring they feel in control in the face of challenges and building key values such as resilience to help them feel capable and satisfied in their roles.

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