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Being at work shouldn’t have to impact on people’s happiness — by setting up the right environment and providing the correct tools — everyone can feel and perform their best at work and ensure their wellbeing is looked after.

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The state of play

Achieving wellbeing in the workplace is integral to both the success of the business and to the health and happiness of employees. But the work environment can be a stressful place, with time management, pressures of deadlines, and expectations to meet.

At VTT, we believe in cultivating the right environment that allows workers to thrive. We help implement learned strategies and methods based on science in to the workplace, to ensure the office is a positive, productive work environment. To back this up, we make sure change can be actioned on an individual level, by introducing tools that individual members can use to take their wellbeing in to their own hands.

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How can we transform the workplace into an environment where everyone can thrive?

Being reactive, not proactive

Implementing strategies to improve wellbeing AFTER workers begin to show signs of stress is not enough, leaders need to ensure they are proactively implementing structures into the workplace mitigate wellbeing issues developing in the first place.

Lack of a clear goal

When goals and objectives are not made clear, employees can feel a lack of purpose in their role, negatively impacting on their emotional wellbeing at work.

Company culture

 A culture that is not focussed on authenticity and psychological safety can leave workers feeling unable to discuss any issues they may have and problems may go unrecognised.

Lack of inclusivity

A work environment that is not inclusive can result in workers feeling unheard, disempowered, or even unsafe at work. 

Discover strategies to build teams that are focused on the wellbeing of all

Our workshops are focused on providing practical solutions that managers, leaders, employees or new graduates can implement into their working day. With an emphasis on the role of both the individual and the wider team, they ensure that the principles of wellbeing are really interwoven into the ethos of the team.

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