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13th – 19th May
We’re helping L&D professionals deliver the power of learning without the extra work! Check out our range of ready-to-go Learning at Work Week (LAWW) workshops and learn more about our complimentary resources and comms packs.

No time to get your LAWW organised? We hear you

If your days are already full delivering your 2024 L&D strategy and you’re now wondering how you’ll be able to pull off a top notch LAWW to celebrate the power of learning, you’re not alone!

Luckily we’ve got you covered. We’re here to fuel your LAWW and ignite a passion for learning in your organisation.

Ok, enough of the puns, here’s how we can help:

Learning at Work Week workshops.

Brilliant interactive workshops

We’ve chosen nine of our most brilliant and interactive workshops around the Learning at Work Week themes of power to grow, power to connect and power to engage.

Discounts on our Learning at Work Week workshops.

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10% off workshops, and 20% off when you book five workshops or more to be delivered during LAWW.

Free limited edition resources with all our LAWW workshops.

Limited edition resources

Every workshop booked will receive a free limited-edition Learning at Work Week resource.

Free comms pack with all our LAWW workshops.

Complimentary comms pack

We’ll help you promote LAWW in your organisation with comms to share your plans and get your people excited and involved with lifelong learning.

*Our Learning at Work Week workshops

Power to grow


Developing your growth learning mindset

A growth mindset is vital for self-directed learning- it can help to drive both personal and professional development. The fundamental concepts of a growth mindset help to develop resourcefulness, curiosity, resilience and collaboration.


Strengths profile coaching

When we think about workplace development, we often focus on our weaknesses and what we can do to overcome them. But what about our strengths?


Goal setting

In a world driven by change and progress, goal setting is a crucial process for individuals and organisations alike. Goal setting can help focus our plans for learning, growth and development and support us to get where we need to go!

Power to connect



Collaboration has always been considered a vital skill in the workplace, and with the evolution of remote and hybrid working it’s has become even more important.


The innovation process

Useful innovation isn’t always discovering the next big thing – it’s often about harnessing those everyday opportunities to improve.


Networking skills

Many people find networking challenging and yet it provides great opportunities to connect with others to create mutually beneficial relationships. Learn to network strategically with confidence.

Power to engage


Inclusion matters

As ways of working shift and develop, it is important that your understanding of what it means to be an inclusive workplace develops too.


My wellbeing

Now more than ever, it’s important that we are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work in a way that prioritises our wellbeing.



In our fast paced world, the workplace demands more and more from us. Being strong in the face of challenges and bouncing back from setbacks is all in the power of a resilient mindset.

Make your Learning at Work Week 2024 the most memorable L&D event of the year!

Every one of our interactive training workshops is research-based, packed with science and guaranteed to deliver engagement, happiness, and performance. 

With wraparound resources and a focus on practical tips to help participants change behaviours straight away, your Learning at Work Week 2024 could be something special. Just give us a call to find out how we can help you.

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