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Master multigenerational teamwork

18th September at 9 AM
Join us for an exclusive 60-minute training session to learn the secrets of successful multigenerational collaboration.

Why attend?

Learning at Work Week workshops.

Understand the big picture

Begin to uncover how your team might benefit from enhanced multigenerational working.

Challenge your own thinking

Learn where you and your team may be unintentionally leaning into damaging generational stereotypes.

Free limited edition resources with all our LAWW workshops.

Practical tips

Get actionable advice on how to support your people to adapt and thrive within a diverse team, and consider how your team could benefit from taking a deeper dive into all things multigenerational working.

Exclusive free resource

Attend the training and receive a free ‘The essential guide to multigenerational working’ e-book.

What you’ll learn

More than eight in ten global leaders recognised that multigenerational workforces are key to growth, yet less than half of companies include age diversity in their DEI initiatives.

Don’t get left behind. Unlock the power of your multigenerational team in just 60-minutes!

  • The importance of multigenerational teamwork: Why everyone is talking about it and why you should care.
  • Break down barriers: How stereotypes limit thinking and act as barriers to true intergenerational inclusion and collaboration.
  • Bridging generational gaps: Develop the mindset needed for enhanced team understanding and cohesion.
  • Adapting for better collaboration: Tips and strategies to help your intergenerational team flex and adapt for enhanced collaboration.

About the speaker

Catherine Nicholson

Creative director of The virtual training team, with over 25 years of training experience.

Catherine has been at the forefront of developing impactful training solutions that cater to the evolving needs of today’s workforce. Her expertise includes both early careers and management training, making her uniquely positioned to help organisations navigate multigenerational teamwork effectively.

VTT is our go-to training partner. Working with them is a pleasure from start to finish, and their signature virtual training is impactful and engaging.

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