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If you need virtual training content designed from scratch, your existing classroom content virtualising, or anything in between, we're here to help.

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The virtual world is one of limitless opportunity. There's a dizzying array of tools at your disposal, and everything from the activities you build into your workshop, to the platform you choose, is yours to decide.

However, this opportunity cuts both ways. If you don't have the time, expertise, or resources to create powerful virtual learning experiences, your programs and workshops will fall short of your expectations.

Fortunately, we've got 10+ years of virtual training experience, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

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There’s no virtual design challenge too small or too large; here’s what we can do for you



Virtual training design is like a car journey. You know where you want to get to, but sometimes you take a wrong turn. When this happens, you could drive around until you find your way again, or you can ask for directions.

If you've made a wrong turn when designing your virtual training program, we're here to provide the directions that will set you back on the right path. Whether you're snagged by a small technical issue or need advice on a full strategic rollout, our experienced virtual designers have the answers you need.

Training design from the
ground up

The world is busier than ever. You’re getting pulled in every direction, and sometimes you don’t have the time or resources you’d like to devote to training design. The last thing you want to do is rush it, especially when you consider the complexities of virtual training design.

So, if you want to get your virtual training program right first time, you can’t go wrong by getting the experts in to do it for you. We’ve got the time and 10+ years of expertise to create live virtual training workshops and programs for you, from scratch.

Training design from the ground up
Co-create magical virtual training experiences

Co-create magical
virtual training experiences

Two heads are better than one. Complex challenges like virtual training design are often best met in partnership. We know this all too well as it’s a rare day in our virtual design studio when one of our experts works alone!

If you like the idea of working in partnership to create incredible live and interactive virtual training experiences; our team are here for you.

Convert your existing training
material to deliver in the virtual world

Classroom training and virtual training aren’t the same. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply deliver your existing content virtually if you want to secure great learning outcomes. That said, it’d be a real shame to let your compilation of classroom training content go to waste.

Fortunately, our virtual design experts have bags of experience converting classroom material into live and interactive virtual training content. We’ll take your hard work, virtualise it, and deliver it back to you fresh and ready for the virtual world.

Convert your existing training material to deliver in the virtual world
virtual design studio - the virtual training team
virtual design infographic - the virtual training team

Case Studies


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Training Material Conversion

This multi-national distribution group already had high-quality training materials for the development of their senior staff, but these were optimized for face-to-face sessions. After COVID-19 hit, the materials needed to be adapted in order to retain their impact in the virtual world.

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