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Have confidence that your people are amongst the very best in virtual training with our certification and accreditation processes.

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A Mark Of Excellence You
Can Trust

We’ve been in the virtual training business for over 10 years. Our virtual coaches have thousands upon thousands of hours' experience in delivering the very best, evidence-based virtual training experiences.

Therefore, you can be sure that our certifications and accreditations represent a mark of excellence that shows your people have the knowledge and skills to deliver outstanding virtual training.

Accreditation And
Certification; What's The


Certification demonstrates that your people have attended, engaged, and successfully completed one of our virtual training workshops or programs.

As a reward, they’ll receive a certificate and digital badge they can proudly display on social media or in email signatures. This will set them apart as having been exposed to virtual training techniques, skills, and knowledge from the cutting edge of evidence-based virtual training.


Accreditation takes things one step further. It’s proof of a level of brilliance in virtual training that many aspire to, but few achieve. In short, we don’t give these out easily.

To be accredited by us, a trainer must demonstrate consistent delivery of high-calibre virtual training. This is assessed through a recorded session that’s independently assessed by two of the keenest minds in virtual training. These two coaches then meet to moderate and decide if the candidate meets the exacting standards. Whatever the result, the candidate will receive a feedback report. If they pass, we’ll accredit them as competent to deliver our products ‘out of the box’.

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Case Studies

Discovery Bank: Converting to virtual training

01 / 01

Discovery Bank: Converting to virtual training

Picture this: your company prides itself on being “the best of the best” in face-to-face training.

Then, the pandemic hits.

Everyone needs to work from home. You’ve got no choice but to switch to virtual training design and delivery. But you can’t let your standards slip.

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