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We’ve been doing this a long time. 10,000+ hours and 10+ years delivering virtual training are what makes us the masters.



USA, Australia, Germany, UAE, China. Our global reach means we can deliver for you wherever you are in the world.



Our international network of elite virtual training coaches combines to bring you engaging training experiences.

Take your classroom into the virtual world with our 100+ virtual workshops

Over 100 workshops to take you into the virtual world

When it comes to engagement, virtual training is unbeatable.

Do it well, and virtual training emulates everything you see in the classroom and then some.

You just need the material, expertise, and confidence to make it happen. And every one of our 100+ virtual workshops contains everything you need to deliver memorable live and interactive virtual training experiences.

Looking to upskill your team?

We have a suite of ready-to-go virtual workshops to help develop your colleagues. Check out our brochure. It has everything you need to know.

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Virtual Programs

Virtual Onboarding

The world has changed forever, and the time has come to virtualise your onboarding program. Get your people off to the right start with a seamless, welcoming virtual onboarding experience.

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Working From Home Superstar

Working from home is here to stay. Give your people the learning they need to embed superb work from home practices that bring superstar productivity and performance.

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Change Fitness

Change is inevitable. Help your people not only cope with change but crest through it with confidence.

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Manager Escalator

Why be satisfied with good when your managers could be great? Grow the capability in your management pool and lift your people up to being the very best they can be.

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Customer 101

Turn every customer interaction into an experience to remember. Cultivate brilliance in your customer-facing staff now and forever!

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Graduate Springboard

The first 100 days are career-critical. Start on the right note and give your graduates the springboard they need to flourish in those early days.

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New Manager Toolkit

Moving from team-mate to manager isn’t easy. This program is the toolkit your people need to make that transition quickly and confidently.

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Stellar Coaching

Get the most out of your team. Equip your coaches with the expertise they need to create the celestial learning moments that drive performance.

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Perfect Projects

It doesn’t take much for a project to spiral out of control. Learn the models and methodologies you need to deliver the perfect project, on time and on budget.

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Presenting in person is a challenge. Presenting virtually is a whole different ballgame

Presenting in person is a challenge. Presenting virtually is a whole different ballgame.

This workshop will equip you with the skills and give you the confidence you need to become an effective virtual presenter.

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Our approach

right-chevron A conversation, not a presentation

When your participants see a wall of text, they switch off. Sure, they might learn enough to pass a (multiple choice) quiz at the end, but will they be able to call on that knowledge when it counts a month or more later?

Our virtual training workshops are always a two-way conversation. This means everyone is involved and engaged from start to finish for learning that lands.

right-chevron Crystal clear delivery

In the virtual world, keeping your participants on track can prove challenging. They've got the whole world at their fingertips, and the lure of email and social media is ever-present.

This is why every element of our virtual training workshops fits together like a jigsaw; with each section expertly designed to seamlessly flow into the next. Both participant and facilitator always have clear signposts to follow throughout for maximum engagement.

right-chevron Live and interactive

Many people come to a virtual workshop expecting a formal, passive experience. They generally imagine something along the lines of a trainer sat in front of a webcam delivering a talk that's so wooden it might as well have been pre-recorded.

You won't experience anything of the sort in our virtual workshops. They're designed and delivered with participation and engagement at their core. Our innovative use of technology brings your virtual classroom to life every time.

right-chevron Built on science

There’s so much more to virtual training than taking your classroom material and delivering it over the internet. In fact, our virtual training is grounded in good science, research, and psychology.

Don't let that put you off! Rest assured, we've done the hard work, so you don't have to. We've created a suite of virtual workshops that are grounded in theory and alive to the practical realities of training delivery.



Want your trainers to deliver our workshops within your organisation? We'll licence you so that you can be confident that you’ll be amongst the very best in virtual training.

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